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Discover Extras

Discover Card Testing Extras Program

Discover Extras

A couple months ago my sister alerted me that her Discover More card was given access to a new feature upon logging into her account called Discover Extras. However, I was not able to see the program on any of our families Discover Cards. Fortunately, I was able to contact Discover and have the trial program added to my Miles account.

The Discover Extras program is very similar to the American Express Sync program. The Discover Extras programs works with businesses to offer additional benefits just for using your Discover card to make a purchase.

So for example, this past weekend our Discover Extras program shows a $20 statement credit after spending $200 with Travelocity by 9/13/13.

Discover Extras Travelocity

The great thing about this program is you do not need to sign up, besides being targeted to take place in the promo. So you can continue to shop at the places you do anyways, and when the statement comes, you may find yourself with a lot more cashback credit/bonus/miles.

Hopefully this program sees some success and continues to grow.

Save Money, Travel More!

Source: My sister/Discover

We are long time holders of several Discover cards, and the links provided within this post do offer us a commission should you elect to use them. Thank you!

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