Legoland Florida Free Child Ticket with Adult Ticket

Update 4/4/12: For the latest Legoland discounts to all of the parks, please see our new page highlighting all the current Legoland offers.

Update 1/4/12: The Pepsi promotion is now officially over; however, the McDonald’s offer is still available and working.

Update 12/6/11: I found another great deal on the very popular promotion to buy and adult ticket and get a free child ticket. Visit and enter the promo code 11090603. This promotion with McDonald’s expires 3/31/12.

Here is the best part of the offer; unlike previous deals, these tickets purchased through the above link are valid for a year from the purchase date. Plan ahead now for the next year, and you could save your family a tremendous amount of money.

Update 11/17/11: Per comment below, I have received confirmation from Legoland officials that the tickets from this promotion can be upgraded to add a day for an additional $15/ticket. Visit the ticket office for details.

Update 11/1/11: Per the comment below from Ann, if you are purchasing multiple adult and free child tickets, you can place them in the same order, just be sure to apply the promotional code multiple times to receive the discount.

Update 10/26/11: The price of tickets increased $10 each effective October 14, 2011 at midnight. Please see this Legoland discount thread with all of the latest discounts.

Back in July I talked about the opening of the Legoland in Florida on October 15, 2011. Well low-and-behold, as we near the grand opening, some discounts have started to appear.

This discount is not the typical Legoland magazine coupon, but rather one everyone can get online. The promotion is being run in combination with Pepsi at the following domain:

Go to and enter promo code: 11090601

Child tickets cost $55 each, so this is a substantial discount. Yes it will be off-peak season, but that is a nice incentive to take the kids.

I ran a quick example to make sure everything works correct with the coupon code.

Note, that I tried applying the code with two adult and two child tickets, and it only gave me the discount for a single child admission. Therefore, I recommend placing separate orders to maximize the savings. I do not have an expiration for this deal, so you might want to order early as they may pull the promotion at any time.

If you were able to save some money using this promotion, please comment or let me know, as I would love to hear about your experience at Legoland Florida. In addition, if you have not already, please consider joining me on Facebook, to get all of the latest travel and financial discounts and news. Thanks!

Update: While I still have been unable to track down an expiration of the coupon code above, there is a similar deal on specially marked Pepsi cans in the region. That offer expires December 24, 2011, so there is a good chance the above code may also expire at that time.

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79 thoughts on “Legoland Florida Free Child Ticket with Adult Ticket

  1. Shana says:

    It totally WORKED!! I just bought 2 adult and 2 kid tickets (had to divide my order in 1/2 and place two orders) but I just save $110!! You pirnt the tix at home. The tickets are good until 5/31/12!

    • Jason says:

      To get multiple free childrens tickets in one order follow these steps. Add one adult and one child ticket to your cart, then apply the promo code. Click to continue shipping and add one more adult and one more child ticket to your cart. Then apply th epromo code as before. The second children’s ticket will then be free. You can continue to add one adult and one child ticket to your cart and apply the promo code after each pair added for as many tickets as needed.

  2. InACents says:

    @Suzi: As far as I know, there are no restrictions on dates for these tickets other than they expire 5/31/2012. If you have any concerns, I recommend contacting LegoLand just to double check.

  3. Linn says:

    did not work..I think the website has caught on and they have pulled the deal. When I called legoland they said you need to find the pepsi can and the code will be provided on the can. I’m now on the hunt for cans w/ the promo. Are they easy to find?

  4. dee says:

    It must have been pulled because I just got the following message:

    Unable to apply discount 11090601

    Anyone see any other offers for discounts to Legoland?

  5. InACents says:

    @dee: Keep trying because I again was able to go in and apply the code 11090601 to receive the discount. The offer is still valid.

  6. Chalie says:

    was able to get it done today. one adult one child is the way to go . too many grandkids all want to go @ the same time. got to save money. Thanks for the hint.

  7. Carla says:

    I could not get the code to work at all. Are these special Pepsi cans only being sold in Florida? We’re coming from Virginia over Thanksgiving and saving money on this would really help. Help!!

  8. Carla says:

    Never mind, I figured it out! The previous site I’d seen this info on did not indicate it was a child’s ticket that was free. We have three kids and one is 10 but the others are teens. I got it to work with the child ticket being free. Now I’ll have to look for other discounts on adult tickets before I complete my purchase!!

  9. InACents says:

    @Vicky: After you enter into your cart one (1) adult ticket, and one (1) child ticket, on the next page there is a box that states “Enter your discount or promotional code.” The code is still valid and working.

  10. InACents says:

    To everyone: Legoland officially increased the prices effective October 14, 2011. The prices before were for prior to the grand opening.

  11. b says:

    To the person who wrote this article…thank you with all sincerity. That is very cool of you to share such awesome info. You have saved us all money, now families can go and be happy together because of this info. Thank you so much!!

  12. InACents says:

    @b, Tamie: Congratulations on your incredible savings! I love hearing the stories about how we helped people Save Money, Travel More!

  13. Jackie says:

    Just printed my tickets with the promo code at the website link you have. I kept looking for the senior ticket but apparently it is not avaliable for this promo (which I totally understand) but just thought I would pass it along. Also when I went to legoland website without the link from you there was not a place to put the code in.
    thank you for your service from a very happy grandma!

  14. Jos says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. The link with the promo number was a great idea. I bought my tickets on 10/23 and came back today to get tickets for my friend . Our boys are looking forward to going tomorrow.

  15. Ann says:

    You can purchase up to 3 free child tix in the same order (1 free child per 1 paid adult) but need to enter the code again for each additional ticket

    Item Price Quantity Total Remove
    LEGOLAND Florida Single Day Ticket $75.00 1 $75.00
    LEGOLAND Florida Single Day Ticket Applied a discount of $65.00 $0.00 1 $0.00
    LEGOLAND Florida Single Day Ticket $75.00 1 $75.00
    LEGOLAND Florida Single Day Ticket Applied a discount of $65.00 $0.00 1 $0.00

    Enter your discount or promotional code.
    Enter Code:

    Subtotal: $150.00
    Tax: $10.50
    Shipping: TBC

  16. SARA REYES says:


  17. InACents says:

    @Sara: This promotion is only valid with standard adult and child tickets. However, you might be better off purchasing the adult tickets with the free child tickets since the savings is quite significant.

  18. Scott says:

    YOU ROCK!! My wife has been looking for discount tickets for a while. We have our trip planned for December. She has been bugging the kids to skip Legoland due to the high prices because she couldn’t find any discounts. Now we can go and enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about it. THANKS!

  19. Michelle says:

    Can anyone tell me if they’ve been successful in getting into the park with these tickets? Seems this deal is too good to be true. Want to make sure the passes are legit before purchasing them.

    Thanks so much!

  20. InACents says:

    @Michelle: These tickets are purchased directly through Legoland, not a third party. So your tickets should absolutely work and are legit tickets being sponsored by Pepsi.

      • InACents says:

        @Marcia: Even though the Legoland website states “2-Day Tickets: Stop by Guest Services to upgrade your one-day ticket to a two-day ticket for $15* to visit a second time within 9 days of your first visit. Parking not included. *Pricing not valid for complimentary tickets.”, Legoland officials have confirmed with me that both the adult and child tickets can be updated to add the second day for $15 each at the ticket booth. Excellent question, and I will get the information added above.

  21. Kelley says:

    The code worked for me. I purchased 3 adults and did get 3 child tickets for FREE!!!!! So THANKS for the information! Saved us so much $. Tickets are good until 5/31/2012.

  22. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the discount info.
    We have one child. How can we save on the 2nd adult ticket?
    Leaving for Orlando this Saturday.

  23. InACents says:

    @Jen: Please see my post here for some other discounts available. Your best bet might be to purchase one of the gift cards when you arrive in the area at a local Publix store.

  24. InACents says:

    @Jen: Please make sure you go to and enter promo code 11090601 after entering at least 1 adult and 1 child ticket.

    To receive $7 off each ticket, go to and provide promotional code 11090602.

    I just checked and both the discounts are still valid.

  25. Anne Keogh says:

    I am traveling to Legoland, and I just used the code to buy one adult/one free child ticket. Here’s the thing: I am traveling with my three children, ages 11, 8, and 5. If I buy another pair of 1 adult/1 free child, can my 11 year old use the “adult ticket”? We would be better off financially with the deal than buying two more child tickets. Do you think I should go ahead and buy another set of tickets and hope they don’t turn him away as a “child” using an adult ticket??

  26. Darryl says:

    Thanks for this. The promotion worked fine. I just paid for 2 adult tickets and received two 2 children tickets free.
    I immediately received the tickets via e-mail from Lego.

  27. Nicole says:

    Would anyone be able to tell me if there are any restrictions on dates these tickets could be used? We are taking our son for part of his Christmas present, and want to make sure we would be able to use them during that week. (We would be going for December 28th & 29th)

  28. InACents says:

    @Barbara: If you can still find the specially marked Pepsi cans, then yes they can be taken to the gate. Otherwise, you have to purchase your tickets online using the above promotion.

  29. Jenn says:

    For those worried about specific dates: the Pepsi tickets are good thru 5/31/2012. However, Legoland is not like the other theme parks in that they are typically not open 7 days a week. Check their website at for their operating hours and their special operating hours during the holiday season.

  30. Michael St Leger says:

    Couldn’t get the website to work so I called the box office with the code, the operator was very helpful, she even helped me run 2 separate transactions for 2 free kid tickets with 2 adults. We wound up upgrading to annual passes after a great day in the park.

    • Michael St Leger says:

      I may not have used the linked website properly, instead of put a number in the box I just tried clicking it, when I thought it wasn’t working I made the phone call.

  31. dan says:

    Thanks to everyone. I’m going to try to get these discount tickets, as we are doing a week of disney and will do a Lego Land Day also!

  32. retse says:

    Can the child tickets be saved for a later date? We have grandparents coming, but would like to get 2 extra child tickets to use at a later date for friends if we can. So I was wondering if they print as 2 separate tickets a child and adult, or is it one ticket.

  33. karen says:

    Apparently, this expired, because it’s not working now. It would have been nice if the site acknowledged that before I put my credit card information in.

  34. InACents says:

    @Karen: You are correct. Please note the information contained above stated this offer was likely to end December 24, 2011, as it is indeed now over. However, the McDonald’s link above is still working. Users need to make sure the coupon code is accepted in your cart prior to payment.

  35. Jessica says:

    When you go to check out at versus the link with mcdonald’s in it, the secure links look very different and are handled by different companies. Has anyone actually used these tickets to successfully get into the park?

    • InACents says:

      @Jaini: The offers above are only for Legoland Florida. We have a new 2012 list coming out that lists both Florida and California discounts.

  36. TIna says:

    McDonald’s promotion is still working, I just purchased today 3/23/2012, and I did not have to purchase separately, I have 2 kids…i put in 2 adults, 2 kids, and put in promotion and Voila, worked perfectly. (i didn’t think it would at first). I saved a whooping $130.00….WOW! Offer expires 3/31/2012…soooo hurry up, if purchased before this date its good for un to one year! Good Luck!

  37. Krista Jones says:

    Anyone know for certain if the BOGO adult/child promo tickets can be upgraded to 2nd day for the $15 fee at guest services? I wouldn’t want to use the code and then have to pay at the gate for the 2nd day….

    • @Krista: On 11/17/11, I received confirmation from Legoland officials that the tickets from this promotion can be upgraded to add a day for an additional $15/ticket. Visit the ticket office for details. If you have concerns before purchasing, call Legoland and ask them.

    • @Lisa: I do not have experience trying that technique. I see what you are getting at though since the ticket prices are the same. It is always worth a shot, because I do not know how closely they look at the tickets when you get to the gate. You can always call to see if they would let that work.

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