Earn 1,000 Free Priority Club Points for Video Viewing

I have done this promotion in the past, and did not receive a 1,000 free points for viewing the video again, but you still can. Visit priorityclub.com/visa1000 and enter promotional code FLLNUVUAA37

Priority Club Video Promo

The site must be getting hammered, as it takes a while to load. The nice thing is that I once again was offered the 80,000 point Priority Club card, which far exceeds their typical 60,000 point offer.

While I have yet to pull the plug getting this card, I find tremendous value in the Priority Club program since it allowed us to spend a week for free in Hawaii last year.

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One thought on “Earn 1,000 Free Priority Club Points for Video Viewing

  1. Wallace Hughes says:

    Was really pleased with the service that Miss April provided while checking in at the holiday inn express &suites at the Atlanta airport west- camp creek in Atlanta

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