Kennywood End of the Year Blowout Sale

Kennywood Blowout 2015 Ticket Sale

KENNYWOOD BLOWOUT 2015 TICKET SALE- Kennywood is currently hosting an end of the year blowout sale on weekday (Monday-Friday) tickets that are valid for 2015 through August 21.

Tickets are 50% off at only $20.99 per person.

Link: Kennywood Blowout Sale

If you choose to use the tickets on a Saturday/Sunday or between August 22 and September 20, 2015, there is a $20 surcharge payable per ticket.

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141127 Disneyland Matterhorn What Do You Get

What Do You Get for the Money at Disney?

It is no denying that a trip to Disney costs a lot of money. Expensive rooms, high priced food, transportation to get there and home, and tickets add to one heck of a bill. However, what do you really get for the money?

With tickets costing roughly $100 per person just to walk through the gates of the iconic Disneyland or Disney World, the price quickly adds up for a family, but that money goes a long way.

A trip to Disney is all about the experience, whether it be letting your inner kid shine, or seeing the parks magic through the eyes of your children. Sure there are rides, and attractions, and parades that all factor into your day, but it all would not be possible without the help from people.

Disney castmembers are what lead to making memorable moments. So lets dissect what that $100 per person gets you.

Just think of how many people it takes to make your Disney experience memorable. From the ticket people to the parade entertainers. Your money goes to pay a LOT of people.

On our visit on Thanksgiving to Disneyland, our oldest son LOVED the Star Wars/Star Tours ride. None of us had ever rode Star Tours prior, nor had our sons seen any of the movies. So it was quite mesmerizing to see how our oldest fell in love with the characters and theme.

In addition to wanting to keep riding the attraction, since it was a different experience each time, he wanted to bring home as a souvenir the Star Wars figures.

So towards the end of our day, we proceeded to purchase our figures, and the gentleman who waited on us, in his early 20s, started up a conversation with our son about Star Wars. The conversation eventually turned to if our son wanted a bag to place the figures in, and he asked if they had a Star Wars bag.

Without skipping a beat, the castmember went out of his way and said, I can make you a Star Wars bag. He then proceeded to take over 5 minutes of his time and draw several of the Star Wars vehicles onto the Disney bag. It was quite remarkable by not only his talents, he was an art major, but also that he took so much time out of his day, and the Thanksgiving holiday, to make the moment special for our son.

To the castmember who made this little boys dreams come true, thank you! He still carries all the figures around in the bag. When we returned home, we pitched several other Disney bags, and our son freaked out thinking we had thrown away his Star Wars bag.

So the next time you think about what do you get for your money at Disney, remember, that money goes to pay a lot of people who’s job it is to make sure you have the best day possible. For that, we are thankful!

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2014 Facebook Year in Review

Top 2014 Facebook Travel Trends

This week Facebook released their top 2014 trends. As we all look back on our year, our family thinks of the amazing places we were blessed to be able to see with the gift of travel. So we find it fascinating to see where everyone else not only traveled, but took the time to post to social media. Lets take a look at the top 2014 Facebook travel trends.

Top 10 Places

1. Disney Properties
2. Universal Studios Hollywood
3. Times Square
4. Yosemite National Park
5. Grand Canyon National Park
6. Yellowstone National Park
7. Yankee Stadium
8. Las Vegas Strip
9. Hollywood Walk of Fame
10. Madison Square Garden

It comes as no surprise that Disney, followed by Universal, with the release of the new Harry Potter world, topped the list of 2014 top travel trends on Facebook.

Any places stand out to you?