Legoland Florida Discounts

Our goal with this thread is to have the most comprehensive list of discounts available to Legoland Parks on the internet. If there are any discounts that are not listed, or for some reason links are no longer working, please let us know in the comments or by contacting us. See bottom of this thread for history of latest updates.

Before you dive into using promotional codes to purchase your Legoland tickets, you might want to spend a moment reading the list of coupon FAQs on the Legoland site, which may help answer any of your additional questions or concerns about the tickets. Keep in mind we have no affiliation with Legoland, and any problems incurred (i.e. you did not receive an email confirmation, etc.) need to be addressed directly with Legoland. We simply gather the best discount information that we can find, and pass it along to the consumer to save you money.

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Attention Foreign Travelers: If you reside outside of the United States and are attempting to purchase tickets using one of the online offers listed below, you will not be able to without a U.S. address. Legoland agents have informed us that if you print out the actual Legoland promotion page with all of the information (not this list on InACents, but the actual Legoland offer linked below), and take it to the ticket office, they will be able to help you there.

Agents have also informed us that there is a possible workaround by entering in any U.S. address into the system, and then printing the tickets at home. However, we have skepticism on whether this will actually work as the address is usually tied to your credit card to verify your identity. If you are able to get this to work, please comment below.

2015 Legoland Ticket Prices

1-Day Adult (13+) $87
1-Day Child (3-12)/Senior (60+) $80

Legoland Florida Discounts


Each individual region of AAA may offer different discounts to Legoland. It would be a monumental task to list each regions discounts available, but I spot checked a couple to see what kind of discounts they offered. Some branches do not offer any discounts to Legoland; however, I would imagine your local AAA office can search discounts possibly across the AAA network, and locate the best discounts for you.

The AAA Allied Group Territory offers adult tickets at $59.99 and child/senior tickets at $49.99.


Costco is currently offering single day tickets to Legoland Florida for only $49.99, which are valid until 12/1/15.

Entertainment Book

The 2015 Entertainment Book offers a coupon to save $7 on one-day admission to Legoland Florida. Valid until 12/31/15 with promo code 149916 when redeemed at the ticket booth.


Legoland Florida offers an extensive discount program for home school families. Check out this article on Legoland Discounted Admission for Home Schoolers, put together by our expert on homeschooling and travel, Tonya, from The Traveling Praters.

Lego Club Magazines

You can sign up for a free subscription to the Lego Club magazines, and they occasionally include coupons with discounts. We usually provide scans of the coupons when they become available.

A new coupon is included in the Lego Club magazine, offering a free single day child ticket with the purchase of a full-price, adult single day ticket. Valid until 5/1/15.

January-February 2015 Lego Club Magazine Legoland Coupon (For reference only)

The above coupon must be redeemed at the ticket office (i.e. is not available for online redemption), and the original coupon must be redeemed.

Lego MiniFigures

Select packages of mini figures have coupons for buy an adult ticket, get a free child ticket. Coupons that expire 12/31/15.


Select Florida area Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) groups offers discounted tickets to Legoland Florida for $35 each.

Link: Florida PTA Legoland Ticket Offer

Tickets are prepurchased online; however, note that your tickets must be purchased for your exact date you plan on visiting the park. The savings can be quite substantial compared to other offers, but you just need to make sure you plan ahead with knowing your park attendance days.

You must choose the visit date between before December 31, 2016 for the ticket to be valid. After purchase requests of date change for any other day will be made only for another day in the same month. However, they will be charged a rebooking fee.

Visa Card

Use your Visa card to purchase Legoland tickets and receive a 20% discount. Valid till 12/31/2015. The link directly to the purchase page can be found here. Use promo code 159902.

Terms & Conditions
Offer not valid for residents of Austria or Venezuela. Valid for up-to six single-day general admission tickets only. Not valid on advanced ticket purchases. Prices and hours are subject to change without notice. To redeem this offer in person at the front gate, all visitors must print the relevant attraction online VISA ticket offer page from the dropdown menu and show your VISA Card. Offer not valid with any other discounts, offers or promotions. The right of final interpretation resides with Merlin Entertainments Group. Additional restrictions may apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Offer valid only when you pay with your Visa card. Any taxes are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Not for resale. Expires: 12/31/15


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