Is the TravelZoo Legoland Florida Discount a Deal?

My sister was kind enough to send me along the current Legoland Florida ticket deal that is being offered through TravelZoo. The offer is for a 28% discount ticket off regular rates.

TravelZoo Legoland Florida Discount

  • Adult one-day admission is $62 (reg. $86.67)
  • Child/senior one-day admission is $56 (reg. $79.18)
  • Adult two-day admission is $74 (reg. $102.72)
  • Child/senior two-day admission is $67 (reg. $95.23)

So a typical family of four (2 adults/2 kids) would pay $236 through the current TravelZoo Legoland Florida discount. For those that do not know, and trust TravelZoo as an authority travel discount site, the unassuming person would think this is a great way to purchase discounted Legoland Florida tickets. However, lets take a quick look through our Legoland Florida discount page.

Quickly scanning through all the current offers, the best offer is currently the free child ticket promotion when buying an adult ticket.

Purchasing tickets for the same family of four would only be $172, as opposed to the $236 price through TravelZoo. Clearly, the TravelZoo Legoland Florida Discount is not a deal at all.

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