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Did you know booking through a hotel’s website direct may not always give you the best deal? Over the past couple years hoteliers have been busy pushing that the best deals can be found on their own websites, and most of the time that is the case. However, we discovered a simple tool for using Travelocity to score us a better deal on hotels at our local amusement park, Cedar Point.

The discount website Groupon has started a new coupon program, teaming with major retailers to offer additional discounts and promo codes to save you money!

Take for example, Travelocity, a great resource for comparative shopping for travel.


Trying to book a hotel at Cedar Point, one would traditionally head to their website and book directly, and because they are not part of an associated major hotel program, finding discounts is few and far between. However, a quick comparative shopping using the Groupon Coupons partnership with Travelocity shows we can save as much as 20%.

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Review: Orchid Mania (Cleveland Botanical Gardens)

160224 Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Have you checked out Orchid Mania (Cleveland Botanical Gardens)? This once a year event highlights the beauty of the orchid family of flora, bringing hundreds of orchid variety on display throughout the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Over the years, I have tried my greenthumb at a variety of plants. Sometimes my work resulted in the direct result of less oxygen creating species on this planet, resulting in the demise of the species. However, with several years of experience tending to plants and flora, I have become rather good at nursing a plant back into a beautiful species. No where is that more apparent than in the orchid variety of flora.

After getting my first couple orchids, they lost their flowers as all do. However, their leafy greens continued to flourish, and despite my wife telling me I should throw them out, I have managed to bring them all back into gorgeous blooms at least once per year.

Orchids take a good deal of patience and the right conditions to get them to flower again. Fortunately, I keep our orchids, now numbering a half dozen at indirect light windows, water once per week with a good soaking, and give periodic fertilizer and repotting when necessary.

So I had a big urge to visit the Cleveland Botanical Gardens Orchid Mania display for many years. This year when Orchid Mania appeared on Groupon, I knew our family had to take advantage of the offer. For only $20, I got our entire family into the event (I actually saved 20% on top of that with the weekly promo code).

Get your discounted tickets to Orchid Mania.

Our family had been to the Botanical Gardens a handful of times; however, in order to use the Groupon, it has to be used on a Wednesday evening, giving you a different view of the property at night.

160224 Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Gardens (1)

160224 Orchid Mania Butterfly Cleveland Botanical Gardens (7)

After enjoying the large variety of orchid blooms in the lobby and main hallway, we opted to enjoy a quick healthy bite to eat at the Botanical Gardens Cafe, offering fresh salad, fruit, yogurt, and sandwich offerings. The food was fantastic and healthy all at the same time.

Once darkness had set in, we went into the main atrium. Having the environment dimly lit created a whole new experience for all of us. The dark allowed us to see all the plants and few animal habitats in a new “light.” While you may not have been able to see the orchids in all of their glory, if you looked closely, there were many hidden gems to be discovered.

160224 Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Gardens (6)

160224 Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Gardens (5)

160224 Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Gardens (4)

160224 Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Gardens (3)

160224 Orchid Mania Cleveland Botanical Gardens (2)

I love seeing all the many variety of orchids on display, and it inspires me to keep on with the hard work on the promise of a gorgeous annual bloom.

While there were other kids at the facility for Orchid Mania, it appears to be more of a date night or girls night out event. There is a small play area towards the end on the upper level, giving the kids a chance to escape for putting up with dads staring at plants.

Discounted Downtown Disney Aerophile Tickets

DISCOUNTED DOWNTOWN DISNEY AEROPHILE TICKETS – Back again by popular demand, guests to the Walt Disney World area may want to consider boarding a hot air balloon to soar 400 feet above Downtown Disney. The Aerophile balloon filled with 210,000 cubic feet of helium, hand-decorated with Disney characters, and carrying a 19′ diameter basket takes up to 29 riders on a 8-10 minute flight into the Disney inspired skyline.

Disney Aerophile 2014 Groupon

Groupon is currently offering guests the chance to experience the Disney Hot Air Balloon ride (affiliate link) for as low as $11 per person or $20 for two people.

Must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase.

The current offer looks just like that offered in 2013 and 2014 for Disney Character Themed Hot Air Balloon Rides.

Save Money, Travel More!

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