Groupon Coupons: Save with Travelocity

Did you know booking through a hotel’s website direct may not always give you the best deal? Over the past couple years hoteliers have been busy pushing that the best deals can be found on their own websites, and most of the time that is the case. However, we discovered a simple tool for using Travelocity to score us a better deal on hotels at our local amusement park, Cedar Point.

The discount website Groupon has started a new coupon program, teaming with major retailers to offer additional discounts and promo codes to save you money!

Take for example, Travelocity, a great resource for comparative shopping for travel.


Trying to book a hotel at Cedar Point, one would traditionally head to their website and book directly, and because they are not part of an associated major hotel program, finding discounts is few and far between. However, a quick comparative shopping using the Groupon Coupons partnership with Travelocity shows we can save as much as 20%.

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