9 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Cedar Point Platinum Pass

Congratulations! You made the leap and bought your family platinum passes for Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott’s Berry Farm, Carowinds, or any of the other amusement parks in the Cedar Fair family.

At a rough cost of approximately $40 per visit plus $20 parking per vehicle, your break even point on the platinum pass is roughly four (4) visits. Once your family has succumbed to the initial upfront cost for becoming a platinum passholder, it is time to start maximizing the benefits for your family.

1) Make It Worth Your Investment

First, you need to make sure you visit more than 4 times per season to get the most value for your family. Seeing as the park is open May through the end of October/beginning of November (depending on when Halloween falls in the year), you have at least 6 months worth of time period to get to the park. Or visit Knott’s Berry Farm year round or select parks for Winterfest starting in 2017. Easily plan one visit a month, and you have maximized your value potential.

2) Early Access

Platinum pass members get access to Cedar Point 1 hour before the gates open. This means the majority of the year you get into the park at 9:00 AM. Since platinum members get free parking, this means you are getting to the park before the majority of people and getting to park in the front of the lot, saving you steps for later in the day.

In addition, be sure to check with other Cedar Fair parks, as many also allow early access for season passholders.

One hour early entry grants you access to the following rides and roller coasters at Cedar Point: Tiki Twirl, Cadillac Cars, Cedar Downs, Dodgem, Valravn, Millennium Force, Maverick, GateKeeper, Midway Carousel and the 11 rides of Kiddie Kingdom. This is a great opportunity to get in your favorite attractions while the lines are short.

Reference 2015 list: Lake Erie Eagles, Pipe Scream, GateKeeper, Millennium Force, Raptor, Iron Dragon, Maverick, Midway Carousel, Ocean Motion and the rides of Planet Snoopy.

3) Exclusive Ride Time (ERT)

Take advantage of exclusive ride times for platinum members. On select nights throughout the year, Cedar Point will allow platinum passholders only to ride the chosen roller coaster. Ride time begins after the general public has finished riding. Weather or maintenance conditions may result in cancellation of these events.

The 2017 schedule is as follows:

May 26, 2017 All Passholder Ride Night: Valravn
May 27, 2017 All Passholder Ride Night: Maverick
June 8, 2017 Platinum Ride Night: GateKeeper
June 22, 2017 Platinum Ride Night: Millennium Force & Rougarou
July 29, 2017 Platinum Ride Night: Top Thrill Dragster & Magnum
August 24, 2017 Platinum Ride Night: Valravn & Raptor
August 31, 2017 Platinum Ride Night: GateKeeper
September 1, 2017 All Passholder Ride Night: Top Thrill Dragster & Magnum
September 2, 2017 All Passholder Ride Night: Millennium Force & Rougarou
September 3. 2017 All Passholder Ride Night: Maverick
October 29. 2017 Registered Passholders: Last Rides

Reference: 2016 list
Saturday, May 21* Valravn
Sunday, May 22* Maverick
Thursday, June 9 GateKeeper
Thursday, June 23 Millennium Force & Rougarou
Thursday, July 7 Top Thrill Dragster & Raptor
Thursday, August 25 Valravn
Friday, September 2* Millennium Force & Rougarou
Saturday, September 3* Top Thrill Dragster & Raptor
Sunday, September 4* Valravn

*Season Passholder Appreciation night. All Regular & Platinum Season Passholders are invited to these exclusive ride times.

2015 Schedule
May 28, 2015- Raptor
June 11, 2015- Top Thrill Dragster
June 25, 2015- GateKeeper
July 9, 2015- Rougarou & Millennium Force
July 23, 2015- Maverick
August 6- Top Thrill Dragster
August 20, 2015- Raptor

4) Free Historic Hike

Your platinum pass gets you access to Dinosaurs Alive, the prehistoric walk through the animatronic world of dinosaurs.

120819 Cedar Point Dinosaur Park Entrance

5) Bring-a-Friend

Cedar Point allows you to bring a friend to the park throughout the year for a discounted rate. You can bring a friend for $26 (May 26-29, June 18, September 1-4, 2017), $19.99 (October 29), or $42 per ticket any day of the season.

Platinum passholders can also bring in up to four guests each day for $25 per person to Cedar Point Shores.

6) Reciprocal Access to Sister Parks

You have paid for the cost of a platinum pass. Now take advantage of the biggest benefit, access to all 14 Cedar Fair parks across North America (includes Cedar Point Shores and Knott’s Soak City), plus Gilroy Gardens. Being located near Cedar Point puts you in an ideal part of the country to plan some easy road trips for visiting the other parks.

7) Discounts

Your Cedar Point platinum pass gets you a 10% discount on food throughout the property at most locations. Cedar Point also offers a fresh cut fries deal and BOGO ice cream sundaes that are only available to platinum pass members!

BONUS: Use your Platinum pass at other Cedar Fair parks and receive food discounts ranging from 10-20%.

8) Extra FUN (and value) All Season

Make sure to visit the park during special events throughout the year. Last year, Cedar Point brought in Coca-Cola and Johnsonville Brats on select days/weekends, offering guests a chance to interact with the brands and purchase discounted food offerings not available throughout the year.

In addition, look for Cedar Point Nights to return in 2017. Last years event on the shores of Lake Erie offered family friendly activities on the beach, as well as exclusive discounted meal deals.

9) Splurge on the Shirt You Want

Platinum pass benefits also include a huge selection of discounts both inside the park, and at area places, thanks to their new passholder benefits program. Save on things like photos taken in the park; merchandise, other premium ticketed attractions, and hotel rooms.

Bonus Tip: Visiting one of the other Cedar Fair parks with your platinum pass? Be sure to take advantage of some of these additional great benefits.

Kings Island: 30 minute advanced entry to Mystic Timbers, Diamondback and select Planet Snoopy Rides (April – June); Mystic Timbers, Banshee, Delirium and select Planet Snoopy Rides (July – October); Soak City Waterpark (Daily) Tropical Plunge, Tidal Wave Bay and Pipeline Paradise
– Other parks also offer early entry where available, as well as additional discounts throughout the parks.

Where will you be using your Cedar Point pass this year?

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62 thoughts on “9 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Cedar Point Platinum Pass

  1. Monica Grebb says:

    The comment about friends’ admissions costs for 29.99 on Fridays is erroneous. Cedar Point says that this is not the case.

  2. Selina says:

    Thanks for the information! More than what I could find on the cedar point website and app… Do you know if the platinum pass includes parking at kings island?

  3. Crystal says:

    So I want to plan to go next Saturday with some friends if the park opens at 11am we can get in at 10am? and how much extra are my friends tickets if I’m bringing 3 people on a Saturday? I can’t seem to find this information anywhere on the actual cedar point website

    • Michael: The Platinum Pass does not include Fast Lane; however, it does get you into select parks early before the general public, as well as exclusive ride nights throughout the year.

  4. Kathy says:

    Are any of the cedar fair parks open year round? If so can we use the cedar point platinum pass for them during cedar point’s off season?

  5. terri says:

    For platinum pass holders, when they bring a friend, is the friend allowed in early as well? And can you bring more than one friend at the discounted rate?

    • Terri: In the past guests have been allowed into the park early if they are with their Platinum pass holder friend. In 2015, they only allowed one guest per Platinum member.

  6. Ronald Dreimanis says:

    Im mobility handicapped. What rides would i be restricted from riding i knew mantis was a concern. Also can i take my service pomeranian on train and sky ride?

  7. Sandra says:

    I have bought 3 platinum passes our first visits will be for 4 days. My 2 grandson would like to bring grandson would like each 2 bring a friend what would be the cost for another 11 and 9 year old?

  8. Susan says:

    Hello! We’re visiting from Australia in July/August and will be visiting four Cedar Fair Parks (in order – Cedar Point, Kings Island, Dorney Park and Canada’s Wonderland). We’ll be buying Platinum Passes. Is there any financial benefit to ordering them in advance online or can we just buy at the season pass centre at Cedar Point? Thank you!

    • Thanks for your question. The benefit to ordering now versus at the season pass center is that they could be cheaper now, since they may raise the prices later in the season. Plus if you buy now, you should be able to buy on a monthly payment plan.

  9. Diana says:

    My husband and I are separated. I plan to buy a platinum pass for myself and our daughter. When my daughter is with her dad, can I give him my platinum pass to use?

    • Diana: Your photo is attached to your season pass (i.e. when they scan you in, your photo will come up). Therefore, no, you can not give your pass to other guests to use in your place.

  10. Chris says:

    So my question is that if I buy a platinum pass is it a family pass or is it just for me and how many of my family can I put on the pass I have 5 kids and my fiance so a total of 7?

  11. Jackie says:

    We bought our season passes online & will be going tomorrow (we have a paper ticket at this time) will we need to pay for parking the first time?

      • Shannon says:

        I am not Jackie but I live in Sandusky and have a platinum pass. You will have to pay to park (I believe it’s $18) the first time but then when you purchase your platinum passes if you give them your parking receipt they reimburse you. From then on just show your pass at the parking booth and you won’t have to pay to park.

    • Damian says:

      We gave them our paper ticket the first time we visited the park and they let us in to park to get our paperwork processed.

    • Paula says:

      No upload your passes to your phone and you can scan to get into parking they will just use the scan Symbol and they will scan off your phone

  12. Kai Thogmartin says:

    We had gold passes for Carowinds. We upgraded to platinum this year. We are heading to Cedar Point and Kings Island in a week. We have our cards from last year. Do we need new cards? If so, do we need to go to Carowinds or can we wait till we go to Cedar Point?

    • Kai: Since Gold passes are only good at the park purchased and Platinum are good at all Cedar Fair parks, we assume you will need to get new cards from Carowinds prior to your visit. We recommend calling the park to verify.

    • Prices will go up after the season ends and only get more expensive next year. Always buy sooner rather than later to save money. Plus if you bought now, you could use the extra benefits like free Fast Lane Plus or a free current year visit.

      • Candice says:

        InACents- what does this mean?
        October 26, 2016
        “Prices will go up after the season ends and only get more expensive next year. Always buy sooner rather than later to save money. Plus if you bought now, you could use the extra benefits like free Fast Lane Plus or a free current year visit.”
        Season passes include fast lane, if you bought in October?

        • For the past couple years, the parks have offered a free Fast Lane Plus wristband if you buy season passes in the fall. The caveat is they have to be used before the end of the current season and they typically can not be used on a Saturday.

  13. Keith Luce says:

    I only live 50 miles Soutb of Cedae Point and consider it my home away from home. This will B my 50th yearof visiting Cedar Point and i also WILL B attending Kings Island(140miles South of me).

    • Each person needs their own season pass (regardless if it’s a regular, gold, platinum, etc.). However, depending on the park, there are sometimes bring a friend discounts available where the season passholder can bring so many friends at a discounted rate.

  14. Valerie says:

    I bought platinum passes for CA Great America online for my family. The kids & I will get ours processed there at Spring Break but my husband probably won’t be able to join us. Could he get his pass processed at Knotts Berry Farm when we’re down there in the summer? Does that change anything, like his ability to access Great America’s ScareFest or WinterFest? Sadly, the people answering the phones at both parks last week didn’t seem to know the answer!

    • You typically need to process your season pass at the park where you originated the purchase. Once you have a Platinum pass, you will be able to visit all of the Cedar Fair parks including their special events unless noted otherwise. Note, all food events are typically included in admission, but food and beverage are an additional cost.

  15. E says:

    If my daughter gets a platinum pass (she is only 14) and we get just regular season passes, are we allowed to park for free on her pass – assuming she is in the car with us?

  16. Bill Boose says:

    Does the special discount for platinum holders bringing up to 4 friends on June 18th (father’s day) work also for the water park? Thanks…

  17. Colin says:

    Thank you for all this great information! One question that even Cedar Point doesn’t seem to want to answer. If I buy my 2018 platinum pass now, but I cannot make my first visit to Cedar Point until July 2018, will I lose any benefits for not picking up my pass at the park sooner? With Six Flags passes, you are required to go to the park to redeem your pass voucher before October 31st, or else you lose several benefits, including free parking. I’m wondering if Cedar Point does the same thing.

    • You will not lose benefits by purchasing now but redeeming your pass till July. You will still get free parking, discounts, admission to all Cedar Fair parks, etc. The advantage of buying now is locking in the cheapest price and getting the free Fast Lane Plus to use in 2017. What you will miss out on is any exclusive ride nights only available to passholders earlier in the season, but you can always do them later in the season.

  18. Doug says:

    Cedar Point lists a ton of benefits for season/platinum ticket holders on their website. Some benefits, like 10% off your ride on slingshot, are only for platinum pass holders and others, like $10 off parasail or jetskis, are available for both platinum and season pass holders. We live closer to Kings Island and my question is, if we buy a platinum pass at kings island, do we get all the benefits (both platinum and season pass) listed on the Cedar Point website? Thanks for your help.

    • As long as you have a Platinum pass, it does not matter which park you purchased it at. You will receive all the other parks Platinum pass benefits. Have a great time!

  19. Ami says:

    I know this has been answered above – in regards to early ride time but just double checking.

    We’re a couple travelling from UK hiring CP x 2 days, KI x 1 day, CW x 1 day and KD x 1 day. I think it makes financial sense to get 1 platinum pass now (fall price) and get the other person daily tickets as my pass will cover parking etc. However we both really want to do early ride times at all 4 parks and I’ve not seen it guaranteed anywhere that a guest will also get this perk if with a pass holder.

    Can you tell me for certain if this will be the case (we’re not hitting any parks on weekends either to ensure minimal crowds)


    • Andrew Stevenson says:

      We’re travelling from Canada next summer for a trip to Cedar Point, we’ve arranged accommodation nearby so won’t be staying on site. There are 4 of us going with my daughter hopefully just about big enough to get on all the rides! We’ve a week in the area in mid-July and are thinking of doing CP at least 2 days and the water park on another day. Likely visiting on a Tue to Thu.

      I’m trying to work out if it makes sense to buy an early Platinum pass or 2 for some of the benefits like free parking and early entry, but can’t see enough info to start comparing the economics. Can someone let me know how much 2-3 day tickets are, cedar shores tickets, parking, fast lane passes etc. We aren’t considering visiting any other Cedar Fair sites as none are close to us.

      Would have a similar question to above, if we were to buy 1 platinum pass can we get early entry for 4 people?

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