Groupon Hobbit Adventure Promises to Protect My Precious

I would love to travel overseas, and especially to New Zealand. On my flight over, I would probably make a quick stop in Northern Korea to witness the newly discovered Unicorn Lair. Come on, you know you have your curiosity. Then, I would make my way to New Zealand to become one with the Hobbits.

The Shire (Lord of the Rings)

Groupon is offering a 14 day Hobbit Adventure from Air New Zealand for $2499 including Airfare ($3678 value). I write this not because it necessarily is an amazing deal, which it might be considering the price includes airfare. Rather, I have a knack for losing my Precious and would venture I could find it somewhere in the Shire.

While Mrs. InACents can not fathom the thought of even watching any of the Lord of the Ring movies, I rather enjoyed them, especially since it marked the end of my single days, when I went to see the series of movies with my best friend.

If I did make it all the way to New Zealand, sure I would see the traditional sites, but I would likely also make it a point to go on a Lord of the Rings tour, as I think it would be great to see where some of the movies were filmed.

If anyone does manage to make it over to Middle Earth, keep an eye out for Gollum, as he has been chasing me down for my Ring of Power.

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