Purchase an American Express $25 Gift Card for $15 via Twitter Sync

AMEX Twitter Sync

[Expired] I became a big fan of the American Express Sync Facebook program late last year, specifically around the holidays when everyone was clambering for our business. As a result, I scored a great deal on a discounted Costco membership purchase, as well as several other offers.

Now, American Express is linked up with exclusive offers via Twitter. As a result, there is a great offer to get a $25 American Express gift card for $15 shipped.

If you want to get in on this offer, stick with us on the instructions, as they can be a tad bit confusing.

1) Tweet #BuyAmexGiftCard25 to get started. You’ll be prompted by @AmexSync to sync your Card for purchases, if you have not already.

2) Look for a response from @AmexSync with the confirmation #hashtag. Tweet this #hashtag within 15 minutes of the response from @AmexSync to confirm your purchase.

3) Once your purchase is confirmed, your product will be shipped via free 2-day shipping.

The provided gift card comes with no fees, and even if you lose the card, they will refund you the remaining balance.

This promotion is extremely limited quantities and is set to expire by March 3, 2013. However, I do not anticipate the offer lasting that long.

If for any reason you want to unsync your card later, just follow the instructions on the American Express site.

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