Top 8 BEST Cedar Point Tips with Toddlers

There is nothing like the drive into Sandusky along the shores of Lake Erie, and hearing our kids yell out, “there is Cedar Point” and their eyes getting as big as saucers. Their excitement always hits at the same time as we can see the tallest roller coasters in the world reaching for the sky.

Our family’s love for Cedar Point has grown just as our kids have started to reach the height requirements to ride various attractions across the park.

We understand families traveling to Cedar Point have it a little tougher than those traveling alone. So we have put together some of our family’s BEST Cedar Point tips with toddlers.

1) Bring your stroller to Cedar Point

An essential for our family traveling with 3 kids (approximate ages 6, 4, and 2) is to bring a stroller. For some families a double stroller might be ideal. However, for our family, we have learned to make due with a single stroller. When one of our kids gets tired, they sit across the top with the toddler riding in the stroller. On crucially tired occasions, we have even been able to get them all in the same stroller.

A stroller at Cedar Point is essential for not only getting the little ones around, but also storing all of their essentials, as well as souvenirs you may pick up in the park.

2) Identify Character Locations

When visiting Cedar Point with your toddler, it is a great idea to let them meet Snoopy and the Peanuts gang. If you stop at Guest Services, you can pick up a list of places and times where you will be able to meet the characters. Some may be at select locations on the midway, while others will be within one of the kids Snoopy areas of the park such as Planet Snoopy or Camp Snoopy.

3) Schedule Down Time

The quickest way to ensure a toddler meltdown is to run them silly all day with no breaks. Just because you are visiting Cedar Point does not mean you need to skip naps. Guests can easily find a quiet, shaded location in the park to sit and relax while your toddler relaxes in the stroller.

You can head to one of two Family Care Centers at Cedar Point to find a quiet place to relax for some more fun in the afternoon.

4) Avoid the Hangry

Does your child get extremely irritated when hungry? Heck, it happens to the best of us. Since toddlers may require a snack or bottle between meals, make sure to bring them along and store them in the bottom of your stroller.

While Cedar Point restricts the use of outside food and beverage, it is allowed for special diets/needs.

You are also allowed to bring in individual, unopened bottles of water.

5) Plan Your Meal Times

Make sure to also consider taking advantage of the Cedar Point dining plans, which can be an incredible value for families. Families visiting for only a single day should purchase the All-Day Dining plan, while those guests with a season pass should purchase the All-Season Dining plan.

Also, consider eating during off-peak times. Everyone wants to sit down in air conditioning during the typical lunch and dinner times, so consider staggering your dining times to avoid crowds.

6) Parents and Toddler Rides

Make sure to check the Cedar Point website ahead of times to determine what rides your toddler will or will not be able to ride. You might be surprised that several of the kids rides they can not ride, or require a supervising companion like the parent or older sibling.

In addition, parents can get in plenty of fun time at Cedar Point too by taking advantage of Parent Swap. This terrific program allows the parents to ride their favorite roller coasters, and when done, swap with the other parent. This way everyone goes home happy at the end of the day.

7) The Essentials Beyond Diapers

Besides diapers, wipes, snacks, and drinks, one of the most important items to bring along to Cedar Point is sunscreen. Lather up often, as the sun can be brutal during the summer, even on a cloudy day.

Consider bringing some change in clothes as well in case the little ones want to take advantage of the splash pad on the midway or one of the water rides.

8) Their Legs Were Meant for Walking

While the thought of letting your toddler run around at a crowded amusement park may seem daunting, there are areas of Cedar Point where you can go and let them run some of their energy off. Besides the kid areas, head into the Dinosaurs Alive area and find the quaint dino-dig, where kids can explore their curious side while the parents relax on a shaded bench.

Do you have your own BEST Cedar Point tips with toddlers?

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