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Our family recently spent a weekend at Cedar Point as attendants to the Blogging Conference on the weekend of September 12-14, 2014. A couple hundred bloggers from all over the country transcended on Cedar Point to learn how to run their sites better, to network with others, and to spend the weekend with family in the park.

It was the first time our family had attended the blogging conference, and the first of many other things such as Halloweekends and staying at the historic Hotel Breakers.

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (11)

Hotel Breakers opened on the Cedar Point peninsula in 1905. The hotel boasts 650 rooms and suites along the shores of Lake Erie with beach access steps away and several onsite pools (some currently under renovation/replacement).

As part of the blogging conference, we received a preferred rate of $129 per night for a Lake-view suite. This was an incredible and generous discount on the part of Cedar Point, with rooms normally going for $300+ per night. It was an opportunity our family could not pass up.

The hotel is also located within walking distance to the park, making it super convenient to run back to your room if you forgot something.

Since we were at Cedar Point for the opening of Halloweekends, the place was incredibly decorated to fit the theme of a haunted hotel.

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (6)

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (8)

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (9)

Cedar Point extensively encourages that the park is meant for families to enjoy. In the lobby of Hotel Breakers, they have even gone so far as to include a little kids corner with the Peanuts gang on TV for the little ones. It was really cute, and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was playing on the TV to fit the theme.

Our room featured a lakeview suite with 2 queen beds and sofabed. Suite included a dorm-size refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, and screened in balcony. We happen to be on the third floor in the Breakers East section. We selected this room because it could also accommodate up to six guests.

Now one thing to keep in mind is that Hotel Breakers is currently undergoing a 3 year, $60 million plan to renovate the historic park hotel. The rooms we stayed in were in the section of the building constructed in 1995, and needed refurbishment. So this is what they will look like once complete.

Hotel Breakers 2015 Room Renovations

In the interim, the room is what it is at this point. Nothing fancy, rather dated, with tube TVs on pedestal stands. However, do know that there are bright and beautifully appointed rooms coming very shortly.

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (1)

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (2)

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (3)

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (4)

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Halloweekends (5)

The best part of our room was the balcony overlooking the pool, beach, and lake. What was even better was that Cedar Point went to the effort to screen in the porch because of the abundance of bugs around the lake. This also made for an extremely safe and effective way to let the kids play outside without the worry of them falling off the balcony.

140913 Cedar Point Hotel Breakers Screened in Porch Overlooking Pool

Due to the cooler temperatures and lack of time, we did not get to use any of the pools and/or other property amenities. Our days and nights were spent in the park (or for me at the conference).

We are really excited to see such a historic and iconic hotel get transformed into a magnificent accommodation alongside Cedar Point. After being to Cedar Point quite a bit in 2014, and several times in 2013, our family is still amazed how much fun we still have in the park. The staff does such a fantastic job catering to families, and the level of detail that goes into the Halloweekends is first class, with something new always to see.

Also, check out our family’s review of the Cedar Point Breakers Express, located just outside the causeway to the park.

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