My Early Travel Influences

I am amazed how going through old family photo albums, one can get a better understanding of their past. In my instance, I was recently pouring through our family photo albums. As I was flicking through the pages of pictures from my parents young high school days, followed by marriage, and then having me, I realized my early travel influences really were instilled in me from my humble beginnings.

I was born in January 1979.

May 13, 1979 First Trip

At the ripe, old age of less than 4 months old, my parents took me on my first excursion to Dover, Ohio to see the Warther Museum. My father was always into trains, and tried indoctrinating me from a young age.

May 13, 1979 First Trip

Just two weeks later, my parents took me on an overnight camping trip up in Dearborn, Michigan. Again, to see trains.

September-October 1979 Third Trip

Finally, in September-October 1979, with roughly nine months under my belt, we headed to the east coast, traveling to Pennsylvania and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Yes, that is me, learning to crawl on the beach, and headed towards the ocean.

While I was far too young to remember any of these early trips, maybe I am proof that those experiences had an amazing impact on my life and the desire to get out and travel.

Today, I see the excitement in my own kids eyes everytime they learn we are packing up the van and headed to another destination. The ensuing hugs, kisses, and thank yous I receive upon our return are proof enough for this dad that I must be doing something right.

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