Eight Attractions We Hope Never Close at Cedar Point

Many people hear of Cedar Point, and think of an amusement park built with the biggest, fastest, and best roller coasters on the planet, and they would be right. However, the park has always been a family park, appealing to a broad spectrum of patrons. That is why our family has become such huge fans of the Cedar Point, which has now expanded into visiting the other associated Cedar Fair parks across North America.

Our kids can not get enough of Cedar Point; the atmosphere, the rides, and the time together.

While my wife and I may not be the biggest thrill ride fans as we get older, we do appreciate seeing the excitement in our kids eyes and the smiles on their faces as they finally get to the height to ride with us.

Here are eight attractions that we hope will be around for years to come at Cedar Point.

8) Kiddie Kingdom

Parents bringing their kids to Cedar Point have three great areas for families to enjoy: Camp Snoopy, Planet Snoopy, and Kiddie Kingdom. Our favorite aspect of Kiddie Kingdom is not only classic rides that you often do not see anymore, but also attractions that kids can ride without the parents. Favorite rides of our kids are bumper cars (Krazy Kars), motorcycles, and Kite Eating Tree/Woodstock’s Airmail.

7) Top Thrill Dragster

140524 Cedar Point Top Thrill Dragster

Added to Cedar Point in 2003, the roller coaster was the first to top 400 feet in height, launching guests to 120 MPH in 3.8 seconds. This ride is an amazing feat of engineering and an awesome thrill ride. While the Top Thrill Dragster is often plagued with downtime, when it is up and running, this is one roller coaster that is not to be missed.

6) Frontier Town

140719 Cedar Point Frontier Town

Cedar Point is an amusement park and not a theme park. Besides the licensing of Snoopy and the Peanuts gang around the park, there is very little themes associated with areas of the park. So one of our favorite areas of the park is the wooded and serene environment of Frontier Town. With historic buildings, shade, live entertainment and a period environment, Frontier Town is an excellent chance to take in the park at a slower pace and feel like you are not surrounded by record breaking attractions.

5) Boneville

140524 Cedar Point Boneville

Hop on board the Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad for a lap around the park, and you may anticipate a relaxing time to take a rest, which it is. However, as you loop around the back of the park, you transcend into the world of Boneville. The iconic animatronics depict western themes and hijinks. While Boneville has always been a personal favorite at Cedar Point, the non-scary scenes of skeletons quickly grew to be one of our boys favorite areas of the park.

4) Halloweekends

140914 Cedar Point Halloweekends Stagecoach Decor

Being parents of young children (currently 5, 3, and 1 years old), we had not ventured into the world of spooky Halloween at Cedar Point. However, in 2014, we were invited to the park for the opening of Halloweekends and attended without the kids. The rest of the weekend we were at Cedar Point for a conference, with our kids.

During the day, Cedar Point is a family friendly atmosphere for families. However, as night approaches the scaresters ascend onto the park. We decided to try out the night time festivities with the kids, and if they got to scared, would avoid those areas of the park. To our amazement, our boys LOVED the scary portions of the park and joking around with the monsters, who were equally as sensitive to take it easy on little kids.

After being in the park several times throughout the year, Halloweekends was a great, refreshing change, and a time of the year we will not miss in the future.

3) Sky Ride

140914 Cedar Point Sky Ride

Simple and perfect is the Cedar Point Sky Ride. Hop into a four person gondola and glide 92 feet in the air overlooking the main midway.

2) Windseeker

140524 Cedar Point Windseeker

Without a doubt, both my wife and I agree that one of our favorite rides at Cedar Point is Windseeker. The 301 foot structure takes the classic swing ride and elevates it to a new level. While spinning at the top of the ride, the views are spectacular of the entire Cedar Point peninsula, but also Lake Erie and the surrounding area.

1) Maverick

While this roller coaster has been at Cedar Point since 2007, both my wife and I had never rode this attraction until 2014, and whoa what a surprise we experienced. While the Maverick will not break any records, it does feature a shotgun start, 95° drop, and an intense launch halfway thru the ride that comes out of no where. This hidden gem we always bypassed was a great addition to the park, and no wonder it always features one of the longest wait times.

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3 thoughts on “Eight Attractions We Hope Never Close at Cedar Point

  1. Walt says:

    You have left off probably the most historic ride at Cedar Point, Cedar Downs. This ride is unique (only one similar ride exists in the US), and offers a very different ride experience.

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