Eat All Year at Six Flags with the Dining Pass

Lots of the 2013 Six Flags Annual Pass Ticket Discounts are already expired, but there are still some bargains to be had before the season officially kicks off. While you need to upgrade to the Gold Pass to take advantage of free parking all year, you can now add onto your season pass a full year meal plan for only $69.99 per person, unless as noted below.

Six Flags 2013 Dining Plan

Current links to the individual offers are below:

Great America & Hurricane Harbor (Chicago)

Participating Locations

  • Andre’s Hand Dipped Corn Dogs
  • Angelo’s Pizza & Pasta
  • Aunt Martha’s Boarding House
  • Beachcombers Chicken
  • County Fair Grill
  • Cyber Cafe
  • JB’s BBQ
  • JB’s Smokehouse BBQ & Sports Bar
  • Loaded Dogs
  • Maw & Paw’s
  • Mooseburger Lodge
  • Paradise Pizza
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Located in County Fair
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Located in County Fair Food Court
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Located in Hometown Square
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Located in Orleans
  • Waterin’ Hole

Great America menu options.

St Louis (Missouri)

Participating Locations

  • 1094 Classic Hot Dogs
  • Character Cafe
  • Colonnades Grill
  • Cowabunga Burger
  • Macho Nacho Burritos
  • Mooseburger Lodge
  • Primo’s Pizzeria (3 locations)
  • Villian’s Cafe

St. Louis Six Flags menu options.

Over Georgia/White Water (Atlanta)

Participating Locations

  • Big MO’s
  • Cotton States Food Court
  • Crazy Horse Deli
  • Daddy-O’s
  • Dee Jay’s
  • GOTHAM CITY Eatery
  • Hickory Chip
  • Lick Grill
  • Lickskillet Pizza
  • Macho Nacho
  • Miner’s Cookhouse
  • Pizzeria
  • Promenade Pizza
  • Scorcher Hot Dogs

Over Georgia menu options.

Over Texas (Arlington TX)

Participating Locations

  • All American Cafe
  • Dry Hole Charlies
  • JB’s BBQ
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Newmans I (Texas section)
  • Newmans II (Boardwalk section)
  • Primo’s Pizza
  • Rancho De Pollo
  • Texas Giant Hot Dog

Over Texas menu options.

Fiesta Texas (San Antonio)

Participating Locations

  • BeeBops
  • Bubba’s
  • Cactus Jacks
  • Kidz Kafe
  • Pete’s
  • Primo’s Pizzeria
  • Old Blues
  • Sangerfest Halle
  • Tidal Wave
  • Totally Kickin’ Chicken

Fiesta Texas menu options.

Magic Mountain (Los Angeles, CA): $99.99 per person.

Participating Locations

  • Food Etc.
  • JB’s Smokehouse BBQ
  • Johnny Rockets
  • Katy’s Kettle
  • Kickin’ Chicken
  • Teen Titan Tower Pizza
  • Wascal’s
  • Waterfront

Magic Mountain menu options.

Discovery Kingdom (Vallego- Near San Francisco/Sacramento, CA):

Participating Locations:

  • JB’s Smokehouse
  • Macho Nacho’s
  • Paddle Handle Corndogs
  • Paradise Snacks
  • Primio’s Pizzeria — Little Italy
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Market
  • Totally Kickin’ Chicken

Discovery Kingdom menu options

Six Flags America (Baltimore/Washington D.C.)

Participating Locations

  • Aviator Grille
  • Beachside Burgers
  • Bone’s Chicken
  • Cityworks Chicken
  • Crazy Horse Restaurant
  • Dockside Fries
  • Heritage House Food Court
  • Hurricane Hot Dog
  • Papaya Pete’s Chicken Hut
  • Port Authority Grill
  • Primo’s Pizza — Pirate
  • Surfside Pizza

Six Flags America menu options.

Great Adventure, Wild Safari, & Hurricane Harbor (New Jersey)

Participating Locations

  • Best of the West
  • Granny’s Country Kitchen
  • Load It Up
  • Macho Nacho
  • Main Street Pub
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Liberty Square
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Nitro
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Wildside
  • Superheroes’ Snacks
  • The Great Character Cafe
  • Totally Kickin’ Chicken — Boardwalk
  • Totally Kickin’ Chicken — El Toro

Great Adventure menu options.

New England (Springfield)

Participating Locations

  • All American Hot Dog
  • Baystate Fries
  • Cowabunga Burgers
  • Kickin’ Chicken
  • Macho Nacho Mexican
  • Papaya Pete’s
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Located Across From Kidzopolis Stage
  • Primo’s Pizzeria — Located in the Kids Area
  • Riverboat
  • Startoons Commissary
  • Ted’s Coney Island

New England Six Flags menu options.

The Great Escape (Lake George, NY)

Participating Locations

  • Carousel Hot Dogs and More
  • Chicken Chalet
  • Fest Haus
  • Lumberjack’s
  • Papaya Pete’s
  • Primo’s — Located by Boomerang
  • Primo’s — Located in Splashwater Kingdom
  • Skillet
  • Timbertown Cafe

Great Escape menu options.

A couple additional items to note for dining passes:

– Dining plans can be purchased online or at the park.
– After verification, the dining plan is added to your season pass ID.
– In order to receive the daily lunch and dinner meals, you need to arrive prior to 3:30 PM, otherwise, your season pass ID will only be given the dinner credit.
– The lunch voucher is valid from 11:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. and the dinner voucher is valid from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m or park close, which ever is earlier.
– Drinks are not included in the dining plan.

Also, use your Discover Card to receive an additional 5% discount on tickets purchased online as well as most purchases throughout the parks.

Save Money, Travel More!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, It would be nice if people who buy your Season Dining Pass knew that they been sale a fraud. Due to Fraudulent presentation on the restaurant, presenting a full meal with a drink, but when you gone receive it they charging you extra for the drink, plus a suppose extra charge for using the Dining Pass that just cost me almost 70 dollars. What is the ridiculousness of putting hours to use the dining pass, Is understandable to put only two meals per day but when that suppose to be the guess who decide when and how to use it. People need to know that the so call Season Dining Pass is indeed The biggest Fraud made by Six-Flags. Or is just happening in Georgia’s facilities.

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