Audience Rewards Trivia Update for Free US Airways Dividend Miles (6-15-12)

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This morning the US Airways Audience Rewards program trivia questions were released to earn you free miles and points.

Now, without further ado, we proudly present the trivia questions.

  • Who was instrumental in altering Fosse’s original staging of the number “Razzle Dazzle” in Chicago? Jerry Orbach
  • Repeat question from SPG program week of 7/30/11.

  • What film features an extended scene from Porgy and Bess? White Nights
  • Repeat question from SPG program 8/23/11.

  • What is the number in Sister Act in which Dolores gets the nuns singing better? Raise Your Voice
  • Repeat SPG program question from 9/2/11.

  • The film version of Godspell starred who as Jesus? Victor Garber
  • Repeat SPG program question from 9/2/11.

  • What is the one solo that Bobby sings in Memphis, The Musical? Big Love
  • Repeat SPG program question from 9/2/11.

  • The song “All I Ask of You” is sung where in The Phantom of the Opera? On the theatre rooftop

For all things Audience Rewards, including all the latest free points and miles from the Points Play trivia questions, see our Audience Rewards page.

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