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Today is the last day of the Great Clips $5.99 nationwide haircut promotion, so I decided to go over during my lunch hour to get mine done. I was in and out in less than a half hour. Considering I already have very little hair to cut in the first place, it works perfect for my schedule and wallet.

What I thought was a great feature that is now available as of March 1, 2011, is that you can now check-in online for your appointment. Details can be seen here and is available online or through an app for your iPhone or Android phones. Per my hair attendant, she said you can check-in up to an hour in advance. The Great Clips website is supposed to tell you how long the wait is before you check in. So I decided to try it out.

Sure enough, when I go to the salon locator page, it lists all the Great Clips in my area, and on the map it shows the wait time for each. This is outstanding, because now no longer will I need to be concerned with how long the wait will be before I leave. I typically leave if the wait is longer than 10-15 minutes since I am so impatient, so this is an excellent time management tool. Thank you Great Clips for saving me time and giving me a “great” price for my clip!

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15 thoughts on “Great Clips Haircuts Online Check-In Feature

  1. me again says:

    Did you ever think that maybe these timing/scheduling issues are put in your life to teach you patience? Nothing happens without reason or purpose. However, I agree and if I had one of those silly contraptions, they keep calling a phone, i would use it too. If there ever was a PC it’s the iphone. Things got named wrong a long time ago.

    • Don,
      You can actually check-in through the Find a Salon feature on our website. When you visit, a Salon Locator feature pops up on our main page. When you input your address or zip code, you can find your nearest salon and then it will allow you to view wait time and then add your name to that salon’s waitlist.

      We are also in the process of creating an Android version of our Online Check-In, as well as revamping our mobile website to make Online Check-In easier through your mobile device.

      Kasey Skala
      Great Clips

  2. Robert says:

    There is no option of actually scheduling the online check in. The webpage is kind of crowded, is it covered or something. I have read the directions completely and the option is not visible as you describe it.

  3. InACents says:

    @Robert- The reason you could be having trouble is none of the salons are currently open this early in the morning. Try again after they open up, and it should work fine.

  4. Tim says:

    So I arrived at a Great Clips about 12:20 to find 1 guy waiting. Nice I thought to myself, I should be in and out in no time. I checked in the old fashioned way by walking up to the counter and giving my phone number. The stylist informed me it would be about a ten minute wait. No problem I replied as I took a seat. 15 minutes gone by and she calls for Jim (who I assume was the guy waiting when I showed up) but the he did not reply. He then said his name was Dave. She spent a couple seconds on the computer and then informed him that he must have checked in the wrong location while making his reservation using online check-in. She then informed him that he would have to wait till I had my. I am a nice guy and I figured that he was there waiting before me so he should go first. He thanked me a couple times as he sat down for his hair cut.

    Another 10 minutes go by and she is almost done when in walks another guy just as the stylist is sweeping up. No sooner that the new arrival sits down the stylist is at the computer and I think she is going to call my name. Well instead she informs me that the guy that just arrived is now next in line and that I would have to wait till she was done with him. I thought she was joking as I was walking towards the counter. I asked her why when I have waited my turn and she replied, “Because he used online check-in”. What? Are you kidding me? I have been waiting 25 minutes and this guy swoops in and takes my place just because he used online check-in?

    There is something wrong with people.

  5. Karl Rosenstock says:

    I went to Great Clips and got a reasonable haircut after talking about cutting my hair all throughout the cut. I attempted to go back to the same haircutter, figuring she got the drift. I used the on-line check in. I arrived later in the day and all the cutters looked up and shouted a very disingenuous greeting. The one who stopped cutting someone’s hair to come to the register said they didn’t have my appt. I said I made it earlier in the day. They said it’s only good for one hour. I said I didn’t see that written anywhere on the website. She said that it’s okay, just wait and I can have the cutter who’d previously done an acceptable job of cutting my hair. After awhile she took me to her barber’s chair and asked me how long it had been since my last haircut and how do I want it to be cut. I said cut it the way you did the last time. She told me she’d probably cut 900 people’s hair since she cut mine and din’t remember. She then proceeded to hack my hair with her barber’s electric cutter. One side of my head had hair the was 3/4 of an inch longer than the other but I didn’t really notice until later because I was so flustered. It was the 2nd worst haircut I’ve ever had in my whole life.

  6. Karl Rosenstock says:

    BTW, I’m going on Yelp and write another scathing review. I have never before written a critique on one of these sites but that’s all in the past now. I thought the chain that uses a cut by numbers scheme to cut hair was bad -this was a far worse experience for me. I just went to a salon and paid $30 for a really good haircut in a really nice atmosphere. Great Clips made me feel like a sheep getting sheared. I guess it’s like ‘Clear Lake’, which is actually clogged with algea. Marketing lies. It would be more accurate to call it, ‘Got Some Wool To Donate?’ The tagline could be, ‘We will fleece you promptly and with a grin on out face!’

  7. Julie Foxx says:

    Are you kidding me? This company is the gum on the shoe of our society. They hacked my daughter’s hair! They do not follow the law! None of the employees have licenses. They should be closed down by the health department. Saving 10 dollars is NOT worth it!

  8. paul panola says:

    Don t waste your time trying to get a haircut at Great Clips. You will sit there all day while others that arrive after you go first.

    I experienced a very unpleasant and unfair policy practiced at Great Clips. Upon arriving I checked-in as I normally do. There were two customers that had been waiting before I arrived. After waiting for what should have been my turn, the stylist allowed another lady to take my place. When I questioned why she was being allowed to take cuts in front of me, the stylist claimed she had checked-in online, with no further explanation. Although I ve been going to that Salon for 3 years I ve never heard of this practice. I looked around the shop for any reference to an on-line check in, and didn t see any.

    Obviously their online check-in service can only be a convenience to their customers if we know it exists and they have made virtually no effort to inform their customers of the new policy other than on their web site. Therefore they have given preferential treatment to people with internet access and treat their traditional walk-in customers as being less than second-class. That is the very definition of being bias and discriminatory.

    Their new online check-in policy should have been made available to the majority of their customers that either do not happen to visit their web site before each hair cut or the many that do not have the privilege of internet access.

  9. Mary jo says:

    I just wanted to respond to Julie. I am a hairstylist of 14 yrs and licensed educated and experienced very extensively and I’ve worked for Great Clips for 5 yrs. I am sorry for your experience with the great clips you visited. No one wants to be dissatisfied with a haircut…again apologies but lump all of us together in such a way is hurtful and wrong. In my years as a stylist I’ve come to realize most bad cuts are a result of miscommunication. I find if I get a styling book or do a google image search and verify what I’m thinking versus what my customer is thinking it helps me great deal to please my clients. Also know you can not please everyone all the time. It’s an everyday fact unfortunately. Given that i have a great deal of love passion & pride in my profession. I’m sorry again for your bad experience but not all of us are the same.

  10. rt says:

    I checked in verbally. The system pioritizes online check ins, so the guy who walked in 5 minutes after me and used his phone gets to go first. I’ll get a crappy hair cut elsewhere. Thanks.

  11. Frank Taylor says:

    I received a really good haircut at the The Landings Great Clips. Her name was Sherri and she gave me a scissor cut. Only electric trimmer used was to do neckline and sideburns. I would like to go back but you never know who’s working on what day.

  12. Hk says:

    Very disappointed in the way Great Clips is treating regular long-time customers. I do not have a smart phone or computer at home…I am unable to get a hair cut now. I went in today there were only 3-4 customers in the place…but I was told others had signed up on line and they had priority. They had to hold their spots even though they were not in yet. I was also told they take no appointments but then the receptionist told me to come back at 7pm. Is that not an apointment. It was pouring rain. I feel sad I cannot have my same hairdresser there anymore.

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