Valentine’s Love with A Monster

Clearly I am not the best when it comes to romanticism, at least on Valentine’s Day. In my attempt to man-up to my apparent shortfalls, our family elected to spend the evening taking in a show.

This show was not the normal charismatic song and dance number that we see fresh off Broadway. Nor was it filled with Hollywood stars recreating scenes off of a dramatic script. Quite the contrary, as the whole point of this show was to minimize the amount of sound coming into our ears.

You see, our family chose to spend Valentine’s Day with Monster Jam.

So we hung out with some friends…

140214 Cleveland Monster Jam (1)

…who decided to have a little too much fun and get into funny predicaments.

140214 Cleveland Monster Jam (2)

The life of the party also tended to speak quite loudly and cause a ruckus.

140214 Cleveland Monster Jam (3)

However, one can always expect the situation to get better when Superman shows up.

140214 Cleveland Monster Jam (4)

And nothing speaks romanticism like discussing death.

140214 Cleveland Monster Jam (5)

Maybe next year I should consider flowers.

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Source: InACents

Our family was provided complimentary tickets to Monster Jam as part of the US Family Guide network.

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