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AFAR Magazine

Paper, paper, paper. My love for magazines is insatiable! I also have a fondness for money, and am very happy when I stumble on free magazine subscriptions that are of interest to our hobbies.

It has now been over a year since I started using RewardSurvey, a site that allows you to take brief surveys, and as a result, offers up free magazine subscriptions in return. Each weekly survey gives you a $20 credit into your account. Week after week I continue to keep building up the value in my account, and typically sit on hundreds of dollars towards free magazines of my choosing.

Besides several other magazine subscription offers, they currently list one year of AFAR (7 issues) travel magazine at the $20 level (a single survey).

RewardsSurvey AFAR 2013

After you redeem (which you do not need to and can just skip to the end), it will ask you to recommend friends to earn an additional $3 each. I entered in generic names and email address (i.e., and earned an extra $15 in credit towards other subscriptions.

Reward Survey promises no fees or obligations and nothing to buy. As mentioned above, I have never had any problems with Rewards Survey or any of the companies I have used in the past for free magazines. For five minutes of my time, and my junk email address, I take the risk, and enjoy my free subscription to AFAR.

The great thing is about once a month I go in and resubscribe to all my favorite magazines listed, which often change. Currently, I will be getting AFAR until the end of 2017, as the subscription adds onto your existing plan.

I have been subscribed to AFAR since 2011, and used to have a poor review of AFAR magazine. However, I like to think since the development of this blog in the early days, lots has changed, as I have come to appreciate the magazine.

Save Money, Travel More!

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