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Off With Her Head at the Disneyland Alice in Wonderland Attraction

One of my favorite Disney rides, that particularly sets Disneyland apart from Disney World, is the Alice in Wonderland attraction. The ride is a classic original attraction to the park, retelling the story of Alice and her adventures in Wonderland.

There are so many wonderful details surrounding not only the Alice in Wonderland ride, but also the Mad Hatter Tea Cups. I love all the houses and intricate Wonderland features.

120610 Disneyland Alice in Wonderland (1)

120610 Disneyland Alice in Wonderland (2)

120610 Disneyland Alice in Wonderland (3)

The mushroom, pictured above, with the Alice in Wonderland book and a pair of the caterpillar’s shoes, apparently was an old ticket booth from the original ride. It was said during a previous remodel of the ride, and when the caterpillar was moved inside the ride, that Imagineers left a pair of shoes behind as a reminder of the rides past.

120610 Disneyland Alice in Wonderland (4)

Disney tended to make his attractions as if you were the main character. That is why just like in the original Peter Pan ride, you never saw Peter until years later when Imagineers added him in. The same thing goes for the Alice in Wonderland ride. There is only one point where you can catch a glimpse of Alice, off to the right as soon as you head into the garden scene.

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Did you know that the Alice in Wonderland ride is one of the few that have to close when it rains due to the surfaces becoming slippery and since part of the ride is outdoors?

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What do you enjoy most about the Alice in Wonderland and Mad Hatter Tea Cup attractions?

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Comments (3)

  1. This was one of the few rides we didn’t make it onto on our last trip. I especially like riding it at night for the outdoor portion of the ride.

    I did the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour and found out about the original ticket booths. When I got home I started doing some research and found these pictures of the Mushroom Ticket Booth as it was in the 60’s:

    I was also lucky enough to get a few pictures of the Kodak booth near Small World before it closed this last Sunday.

    • @Average Traveller: Riding everything at night is a new perspective I need to consider in the future. We usually go the opposite method of trying to knock them out first thing in the morning, which is much easier with little legs.

      Thanks for the link on the old ticket booth. Very cool!

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