Free US Airways Dividend Miles via Audience Rewards Trivia Update (10-25-11)

Here are this morning’s updated Audience Rewards questions for the US Airways program. If you have not scored a hit yet in the US Airways Grand Slam promotion from Audience Rewards, there is still time to do it before the program deadline in November since these points post to your account within a week.

  • Constantine Maroulis is from where? New York
  • The original Spiderman comics were written by whom? Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
  • The women in Lysistrata Jones are what? Cheerleaders
  • In what year did the movie version of The Lion King come out? 1994
  • True or False? None of the three Billy Elliot’s in the original production had ever been in the London production. False
  • What was the first show that Rob Ashford directed on Broadway? Promises, Promises

As a reminder, for all things Audience Rewards, including all the latest free points and miles from the Points Play trivia questions, see my Audience Rewards page.

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