Audience Rewards Delta Trivia Questions Round-up (8-8-11)

New questions posted today for the Delta Audience Rewards program. For those new to the program, this is a great opportunity to answer some simple questions related to Broadway trivia and earn some free point. Questions are typically worth 2 points/miles each, with anywhere from 1-6 questions per week. There are different questions posted for the Delta Skymiles, US Airways, and SPG programs. This is a great way to easily extend out your expiration dates on accounts. Points typically post within a week of correctly answering the questions.

Here is this weeks Delta questions and answers:

– What is Glinda’s last name in Wicked? Upland

– How many Tony Awards was Catch Me If You Can nominated for? 4

– At what casino in Las Vegas did The Lion King play? Mandalay Bay

– What animal sits atop the music box that is a key prop in The Phantom of the Opera? A monkey

– What color is Glinda’s dress in the song “One Short Day” in Wicked? Yellow

Continue watching my site for updated US Airways and SPG questions and answers for some new miles/points to add to your accounts.

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