Wendy’s Legoland Florida Free Child Ticket with Adult Ticket Purchase

The Wendy’s Legoland promotion is back from earlier in the year, again offering a free child ticket with adult ticket purchase ($84). Offer expires on May 31, 2014 (however, still working as of 6/27/14). Tickets valid for (1) year from date of purchase. Guests can purchase up to six (6) adult/child ticket packages with this promo. Additional individual tickets are also available for purchase.

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9/11/14- Offer expired
1/17/14- Offer live again.
6/10/13- Offer expired
3/11/13- Originally published

130505 Railroads in the Park (Kirtland, OH) Passenger Car

Cleveland’s Best Kept Secret: Railroads in the Park

130505 Railroads in the Park (Kirtland, OH)

Two weekend ago our family set out on the last adventure as a family of four. As anyone may know who follows our family adventures, trains play a key interest to our boys, as well as our travels. We know if we can incorporate a little choo-choos into our lives, we have happy youngsters.

Our family also became big fans of the Lake Farm Park several years ago, when we made it an annual tradition to visit during the Maple Sugar Festival. As I was researching this years Maple Sugar dates, I also happen to learn of an outing we had never heard or seen before, Railroads in the Park.

As part of the festivities, not only did Lake Farm Park participate, but there was also a sister activity at Penitentiary Glen.

A day at the Lake Farm Park was fairly typical, getting the boys to see all kinds of farm animals, and besides the several train layouts, you would never guess there was much of an event. However, the real key to Railroads in the Park was over at Penitentiary Glen.

The Lake Shore Live Steamers Club has a partnership with the Park District. In return for getting to use the land for the trains, they in turn are required to give rides to the public free of charge. It just so happens that Railroads in the Park happen to coincide with the same event over at the Lake Farm Parks, which was perfect.

The event at Penitentiary Glen started at noon; however train rides were only from 1-3 PM, weather permitting.

Little did we know that while the Lake Farm Park was empty, everyone was waiting to ride the trains over at the Glen. The line, arriving promptly at 1:00 PM, was long. Fortunately, the Lake Shore Live Steamers Club runs probably 10-20 different trains on the tracks, offering a smooth process for getting passengers through the line promptly.

130505 Railroads in the Park (Kirtland, OH) Band

A small band ensemble played music for guests waiting in line.

130505 Railroads in the Park (Kirtland, OH) Passenger Car

One of the passenger cars on display.

130505 Railroads in the Park (Kirtland, OH) Roundhouse

The “roundhouse” where workers could repair any of the trains.

130505 Railroads in the Park (Kirtland, OH) Trains

It was amazing to see the intricate details of the train cars. We saw everything from steam engines, diesels, ornate trolley cars, and even livestock cars with horses bouncing their heads out the windows. The boys sat in fascination as the trains and passengers rode by us.

Soon it was our turn to board, and 8 of the 9 of us got to ride on one train. Unfortunately, since Mrs. InACents was ready to burst with our third baby boy, she was not allowed to ride, as there is a possibility of the trains derailing.

Our ride lasted for approximately 7 minutes, and clipped along at a really decent pace considering all of the weight the train was pulling. The ride zips through the woods, just barely missing trees, over bridges and various train accompaniments, all situated along the edge of the scenic gorge that Penitentiary Glen is known.

Below are various other trains that we saw ushering guests on their adventure.

When we all disembarked from the train ride, we were all I think simply amazed at how spectacular this hidden gem was in our own backyard. The cost…absolutely nothing, as it is part of the park system, and per the terms of the land agreement to the club.

I am so glad we got to take our boys to Penitentiary Glen to experience Railroads in the Park, as it was a fantastic experience for everyone. Knowing it is free, I consider this event one of the best hidden secrets in Cleveland.

Rides run 1 to 3 pm, weather permitting, on the following Sundays in 2014:

  • April 27 (Earth Day)
  • May 4 (Railroads in the Parks)
  • June 1
  • June 22
  • July 20
  • July 27
  • August 10
  • August 24
  • September 7 (Bug Day)
  • September 28
  • October 5
  • December 6

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5/13/13- Originally published

Legoland Discovery Center Chicago Discount Coupons

LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER CHICAGO DISCOUNT COUPONS – We have updated our master list of Legoland Discounts with the latest deals for the Legoland Discovery Center Chicago location.

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5/15/14- Updates throughout.
3/13/13- Updated Oaklee expiration.
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