Legoland California Free Child Ticket with Adult Ticket via McDonald’s

LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA MCDONALD’S – [Update] This offer appears to be having lots of issues working. It is recommended to check out the other offers on our Legoland California page. The previous Legoland California McDonald’s ticket offer expired in December 2013; however, the promotion is back again for 2014. Guests have the opportunity to purchase three different ticket packages this year.

1-Day LEGOLAND / SEA LIFE Hopper Tickets ($101)
1-Day LEGOLAND / LEGOLAND Water Park Hopper Tickets ($101)
1-Day LEGOLAND Tickets ($83)

Tickets are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Therefore, plan ahead for the next year if you plan on going to Legoland California, as this promotion could save a family a ton of money ($73-91/child ticket). Visit

Select McDonald’s stores also feature the coupon shown below for obtaining the promotion.

Offer expires: April 30, 2015

The previous coupon lists needing promo code 139916 to access the offer, but it does not work with the current link.

This discount has also been mirrored on our Legoland California Discount page.

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If you are headed to Legoland California using this discount, let us know in the comments, and have a great time!

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10 thoughts on “Legoland California Free Child Ticket with Adult Ticket via McDonald’s

  1. aa says:

    Thank you for posting the coupon code to LEGOLAND Ca, from Mc Donalds, We tried it and it worked right away. We were able to purchase our tickets with no problems. I wasn’t sure if we bought two at the same time if we would get two free children’s admissions so we purchase them separately. Last year with the Wendy’s coupon I bought two at the same time and both had my name, and we went in through the LEGOLAND gates with no problem, I don’t think they even care about the name on it. Thanks again.

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