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As of August 2013, the Points Play trivia questions to earn miles and points in various partners has been placed on hold.

If you are new to the mileage and points game, and the Audience Rewards program, let me welcome you to some wonderful opportunities! To help in aiding people find the latest Audience Rewards data, I created this page to store all of the information, as well as some answers to commonly asked questions. This way you will not need to necessarily search through my blog to find the latest posts, although you still can read all of my other valuable content. 🙂 If you have any questions related to the Audience Rewards program, please post a comment here or email me at justin (at) so I can help with answering your questions.

First, Audience Rewards is a New York based program originally created for the purpose of rewarding those who purchase Broadway show tickets through their system. The program is similar to any other reward system where the more points one earns, the more they can be redeemed towards other Broadway tickets. Audience Rewards gives away Show Points on the purchase to tickets in select cities, with the goal of becoming a National program. Unfortunately, Audience Rewards only rewards you with Show Points on premium tickets, and not all tickets available. The positive side of the Audience Rewards program though is the relationship with other reward programs and the free trivia questions.

I stumbled upon the Audience Rewards Points Play trivia questions back in early July 2011 when going through my US Airways account, and quickly learned about the several other airlines and various other reward programs that could receive free miles or points within the Audience Rewards program. Audience Rewards began offering the trivia questions for free miles/points in May 2011. InACents then began tracking the latest questions and answers to get the information out to other mile and point enthusiasts. I thank you readers, as well as those that help link to me, for the latest information! We make sure to monitor all of the latest developments in the Audience Rewards program, and not only update this page with the newest questions and answers, but also create new posts, which you can be notified of as soon as they are released via Facebook, Twitter, RSS, or email. Be sure to sign up for one of more of our social programs to stay up-to-date with the latest in free miles and points!

Quick note, from what I have been able to determine, InACents was not the first to mention Audience Rewards and the trivia questions to earn free miles or points on the internet. I would like to give credit to Money and Map for beating me by a couple of days to posting the first record of answers to the Audience Rewards program.

We personally monitor all of the latest Delta, US Airways, and SPG Points Play programs as well as the Best Buy questions and research each and every trivia question. So know that I have tested out and earned miles or points in each program.

If you need to sign up for an Audience Rewards account, you can do so here. Please see our question and answer section below for some insider tips when creating an account.

So now for the good stuff, free miles and points. Here are the latest questions and answers for the programs I partake in. Note, we currently only track questions that earn us Show Points AND partner points with Delta, US Airways, SPG, and Best Buy. There are tons of questions that only earn Show Points, and we do not track those.

Delta Skymiles Audience Rewards Partner Program

Delta Skymiles (Updated -)

  • Program currently being evaluated for future.

US Airways Dividend Miles Audience Rewards Partner Program

US Airways Dividend Miles (Updated -)

  • Program currently being evaluated for future.

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Audience Rewards Partner Program

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Points (Updated -)

  • Program currently being evaluated for future.

Best Buy Reward Zone Audience Rewards Partner Program

We also keep dibs on the Best Buy Reward Zone questions because of a nice little feature of being able to transfer points at into other reward programs. This is an excellent way to be able to top off an account or keep one from becoming inactive. Or even better, there are opportunities to be able to transfer Best Buy Reward Zone points into other programs that earn you bonus miles (i.e. the US Airways Grand Slam promotion in September-November of each year).

Best Buy Reward Zone (Updated -)

  • Program currently being evaluated for future.

A word of note for those collecting Best Buy Reward Zone points via Audience Rewards. User “tarheelblue” on MilePoint reminded everyone of the following information from the Best Buy Reward Zone FAQs:

“At the beginning of every calendar year, the points in your account (except for Reward Zone program Credit Card members, Reward Zone program MasterCard cardmembers and Premier Silver members) will be issued as reward certificates down to the $5 level, and any remaining points will be forfeited.

You will begin earning points for the new calendar year on January 1. For example, if you have 300 points, you will receive a $5 reward certificate (250 Points) and you will forfeit 50 points.”

Therefore, around the end of this year, everyone should be considering transferring their unused points into another reward program via

The second thing everyone should do with their Best Best Reward Zone account is make sure that you log in to your account and set the redemption level at the 1,000 point level. The reason is, if you set the certificate redemption level at $5 (250 points), and you earn 250 points from the Audience Rewards trivia questions, you will automatically get issued a Best Best gift certificate. If you have an interest in shopping at Best Buy, than go ahead and keep the redemption level low; however, if you are collecting Best Buy Reward Zone points with the intention of moving them into another program towards free travel, set the redemption level high and you should not have an issue within a calendar year.

Best Best Reward Zone Certificate Preferences

Other Partner Programs

Audience Rewards is also partnered with Amtrak and United, but does not offer earning of points or miles in these partner programs via Broadway trivia questions. We keep getting told they may be on the horizon, but have yet to see any changes. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, RSS, or email to stay up to date with all the latest Audience Rewards news.

Questions for Audience Rewards Beginners

If you have any questions related to the Audience Rewards programs, please post a comment or send me an email to justin (at), and we will try to get it answered for you as best we can and/or get the question and answer added to the list.

When did the Audience Rewards Points Play trivia questions begin offering free miles or points in partner programs? May 2011; InACents started keeping a database of questions and answers starting in July 2011.

How do I earn miles/points in multiple Audience Rewards partnership programs (i.e. Delta, US Airways, SPG, and Best Buy Reward Zone)?
This question involves the most “controversy” as there are two different thought processes and ways to create an Audience Rewards accounts and answer the Points Play Broadway trivia questions.

Audience Rewards (AR) would much rather you create one (1) account to manage all of your partner accounts. AR’s terms even state you are only allowed to have one account. Therefore, you would sign up and create one AR account, and then add your Delta Skymiles, US Airways Dividend Miles, SPG, and Best Buy Reward Zone account information to that same single AR account.

If you go the singular account method, you will need to make sure you select which program you want to earn miles or points in. As of mid-2012, AR started asking the same trivia questions across all partner programs. As a result, if you answered the questions signed in under Delta (assuming all your accounts are linked to one AR account), you could no longer answer the questions in other programs. This change created simplicity and cost savings for AR, but caused a little bit of a headache for those that used on AR account with all the partners.

The alternative, and better solution is to have a separate AR account for each partner program. Let me preface by saying this method does take more to manage, but there have been some advantages that I will discuss below. Personally, I have each account with each airline set up under a separate email address. So for example, we have three accounts with Delta, and I set it up all under my gmail account. The great thing about gmail is that if your email address has periods in it (i.e., the periods can be moved to any other point (or none at all) within the same email, and it will all go to the same account. So you can set up one account under, another under, and another with, or any other combination, and it will 1) count as a new email for your Audience Rewards account, and 2) it will all end up in the same email account.

So you can go through each of the Audience Rewards programs and create a new account for each. That is how I have each of ours done, which is a lot to manage, I know. It was not until I got around to creating my SPG account that I realized within Audience Rewards you can set up each separate program and set it to which program you want to earn rewards in.

Pros of one AR Account
– Earn Show Points from all partner programs in one AR account; this can be an excellent way towards building a balance that can be used for free Broadway show tickets.
– it does not matter which preference you have set up in your account; the only time this will matter is if you actually purchase Broadway tickets through Audience Rewards.

Cons of one AR Account
– AR recently started mixing questions that earn Show Points AND partner points together with questions that ONLY earn Show Points. If you go to the Delta partner page and start answering the questions, and do so with questions that ONLY earn Show Points, you will not be able to answer those same questions in the partner programs.

Personally, even tough it is more to manage, I prefer keeping them all our partner accounts under Audience Rewards separate accounts. We also have my wife’s AR account set up with several partner programs, so it really does not make that big of a difference provided you make sure to sign in and sign out of each partner program each time you answer questions. Either way, it is up to you which method works best for you. You can easily manage it all in a simple spreadsheet to keep it all straight, which I highly recommend so you know which email address is linked to which account.

What earning preference should I chose within Audience Rewards to earn miles/points in the selected program?

It does not matter what you set your earning preference too because that is only meant for actual purchases of Broadway show tickets through Audience Rewards.

We have our SPG account associated with my wife’s Delta Audience Rewards account. I have found that by setting the preference to earning SPG points, when I answer the Delta questions we still earn credit in her Delta account even though it is not set as the earning preference. And we also then earn the SPG points when answering those questions. For clarification, with this method you will not earn Delta AND SPG miles/points in both programs.

What can I do with Best Buy Reward Zone points?

It really depends on what your goals are for obtaining points in the Best Buy program. Personally, we are collecting Best Buy Reward Zone points solely to be able to transfer them into other reward programs at The transfer ratio is not always good when transferring on, but it can be an excellent resource to top of an account, keep an account active and from expiring, or earn additional bonus miles in a program (i.e. US Airways Grand Slam promotion in September-November each year). See our write-up above on some tips for the Best Buy Reward Zone program to help maximize the returns.

How come there are different questions when I click on Points Play at the Audience Rewards website?

1) How are you accessing the questions? Are you going to and clicking on Points Play to access the trivia questions, or are you accessing each of the partner pages (Delta, US Airways, etc.) and clicking on each of their Points Play links? Audience Rewards has tons of questions they offer to ONLY earn Audience Rewards points, and these are accessed on their Point Play home page.

You need to make sure you go to each of the individual partner Points Play pages to access their respective questions.

Here is a quick guide to access each company’s questions.
a) If you want to go to Delta’s questions, you can either click any of our direct links above, or when you are at, at the upper right click on Partner Points and click on Delta’s page.
b) Then within each partner page you will need to click Points Play to access their respective questions.

When viewing the Points Play questions, you need to make sure prior to answering the questions of whether they state they will earn 2 Show Points OR 2 Show Points + 2 Miles. After answering the question, the page will then tell you whether you will correctly earn Show Points or Show Points + Miles/Points.

Points Play Correct Answer

You Want This to Show Up After Answering a Question

Show Points Play Correct Answer

This Means Something Went Wrong Since You Will ONLY Earn Show Points

2) There is a chance that within each of the partner Points Play trivia questions that you might see additional 20 mile/point questions that are not found on my lists. These are because Audience Rewards only gives out the 20 mile/point question to the first so many people to respond to the questions. It is strictly a first come, first serve system.

So if there is an additional question (or I list a 20 mile/point question you do not see), you might need to seek out the answer if I do not provide it. Feel free to share the answer in the comments so others may see it too.

Is there a limit to how many questions I can answer per day?

There is a limit to answering 20 questions per day per account. Even though the trivia questions associated with the partners to earn miles or points is only 5-6 questions per week, it is another reason I recommend having separate Audience Rewards accounts for each partner.

How many points/miles can I expect to earn from the Audience Rewards program?

Assuming one does not earn miles/points from purchasing Broadway show tickets, and you only want to answer Broadway trivia questions to earn free miles or points, you can expect to earn approximately 10-12 miles/points per 10 days in each partner program. So if you answer all the questions over the course of the year, and assuming you do not get any 20 point questions, you should be expected to earn approximately 360 Delta Skymiles, 360 US Airways Dividend Miles, 360 SPG points, and 360 Best Buy Reward Zone points.

Points earned via Audience Rewards will not necessarily get you and your family free flights or hotel nights, but the miles/points are free; they will prevent accounts from expiring; and they can be transferred to other programs, sometimes with great benefits depending on the promotions.

Pair the Audience Rewards program, with some great credit card offers, and some excellent promotions, and you surely can afford to Save Money, Travel More!

How long does it take for miles/points to show up in our accounts?

It can typically take up to a week for the miles/points to show up in an account. Therefore, if you are close to having enough miles/points for a ticket/night, or need to prevent accounts from expiring, the Audience Rewards Points Play trivia program is an excellent resource!

Can I do anything with all the Audience Rewards Show Points I have been earning?

Yes. Show Points can always be redeemed towards free Broadway show tickets. This is one great advantage of keeping all of your partner accounts under one Audience Rewards account.

The unfortunate thing is that Show Points can not currently be transferred into other programs via The Audience Rewards terms explicitly restrict transferring points out of the program if they were earned via trivia.

Again, we thank all of the readers for their support in making InACents the #1 resource for Audience Rewards information!

If you have any questions related to the Audience Rewards program, please post a comment here or email me at justin (at) so I can help with answering your questions. We make sure to monitor all of the latest developments in the Audience Rewards program, and not only update this page with the newest questions and answers, but also create new posts, which you can be notified of as soon as they are released via Facebook, Twitter, RSS, or email. Be sure to sign up for one of more of our social programs to stay up-to-date with the latest in free miles and points!

69 thoughts on “Audience Rewards Points Play Trivia

  1. MJLouise says:

    How do you exchange Best Buy points with The “rules” there say that you can only exchange to get more BB points. Is this new, or am I missing something?

  2. InACents says:

    @MJLouise: After signing into your account, choose Exchange within your Best Buy listing. Then select “move out of a program” and your Best Buy account, and the number of points you wish to move. will then present a list of how many miles or points you can receive in other programs. I was able to get them out of my account tonight if I had choose to follow through with the transaction.

    • Steve says:

      your FAQ says:

      “The second thing everyone should do with their Best Best Reward Zone account is make sure that you log in to your account and set the redemption level at the 1,000 point level. The reason is, if you set the certificate redemption level at $5 (250 points), and you earn 250 points from the Audience Rewards trivia questions, you will automatically get issued a Best Best gift certificate. If you have an interest in shopping at Best Buy, than go ahead and keep the redemption level low; however, if you are collecting Best Buy Reward Zone points with the intention of moving them into another program towards free travel, set the redemption level high and you should not have an issue within a calendar year.”

      From this recent Flyertalk thread ( it appears perhaps that due to the frequency of the free best buy points being given away on their facebook page, that best buy is now distinguishing between points earned by paid purchases and those obtained for free re the 250 point threshold and our capacity to effectively change it:

      “I have been contacted by someone that said they set their Best Buy Reward Zone (BBRZ) account redemption limit to $20 = 1000 pts, yet because of the current bounty of free points being given on their Facebook page, they were automatically issued a certificate at 250 pts. BBRZ is apparently telling them non-purchase points do not follow the same redemption rules.I have read through all the terms and nothing jumped out at me eluding to this rule.

      Yet I know my account is over 250 pts with a 1000 pt redemption set, and I have not been issued a certificate.

      Has anyone else been experiencing this same issue?”

      • @Steve: Thank you for the comment! I am WideOpenSpaces on the forums and originally posted that issue on FlyerTalk and several other forums trying to see just how wide spread the issue may becoming. I’m working on a new post as well as editing the AR page to let people know of the new issue.

  3. MJLouise says:

    What is the minimum amount of points needed to transfer to different program? All my programs are listed as “insufficient” and the only rules listed are that you can only transfer to get more BB points.

  4. InACents says:

    @MJLouise: While I see what you are saying about the language that states you can only transfer into Best Buy, it does not appear to be the case when you actually initiate the transfer. For example, I only have 33 Best Buy points currently and it allowed me to get the final transfer screen to get 15 US Airways miles, but I did not complete the transaction.

    Here is a list of many of the rules I was able to pull up during my exchange scenario to give you an idea of any limits programs might incur.

    I am going to wait until closer to the end of the year before emptying my Best Buy program of points.

  5. MJLouise says:

    OK, I think I have it figured out. website is so screwy. I was selecting the tab “move out of a program (Best Buy)” which is logical, you would think. But if you choose instead “move into a program” (like AA or US), it works. Weird, but good to top off an inactive acct.

    Tx so much.

      • InACents says:

        @MJLouise: I think there may be a pitfall to that plan. Per the terms and conditions of the Audience Rewards program, “Only points earned by a member from eligible Ticket purchases and Ticket purchase bonuses may be transferred into participating partner programs. Promotional bonus points earned for participation in trivia, surveys, member referrals, and other non-transaction purchase activities are NOT eligible for transfer into partner programs.” Therefore, there is a good chance if you earn 1,000 points only from trivia, you may not be able to move them out. However, there could be potential glitches if trying to use for the transfer, and maybe it will work.

  6. Joel says:

    All I want to say is thank you for creating and updating this website; it is so helpful and I’ve used it often. Your advice is very valuable and I love that you post the Audience Rewards Trivia answers. I’m a Broadway buff and it’s a great, fun way to get some points. First I attempt each one myself then I look at your answers before I click “That’s My Answer” so I don’t make a dumb mistake. Again, I thank you.

    • InACents says:

      @Joel: Thank you so much! I love hearing people’s success stories and am happy to hear that others can enjoy the rewards.

    • InACents says:

      @Sasha: Yes we were aware of those Audience Rewards trivia questions; however, since those questions only earn Audience Rewards Show Points, and there are so many questions, we do not currently focus on those questions and answers.

  7. lawrence smith says:

    I tried transferring in miles form my US Airways account into Audience Rewards to see if there is a glitch recently. However, the only showpoints that show up on available for transfer is the 1 that resulted from US Airways, not the 1650 I have from answering trivia for the last 7 months. Unless you plan to redeem points for a reward through Audience Rewards, I’d advise not to waste your time like I did.

    • @Lawrence: From what I can tell from your comment, you are trying to transfer Audience Rewards points earned from trivia out and into another program via Unfortunately, the Audience Rewards program does not allow you to move points out if they were earned via trivia. It is stated right in their terms. Thanks for reading!

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  9. Samuel says:

    Hi, I have just 1 Audience Rewards account that has my SPG, US Airways, and Delta accounts all stored in it and I receive credit in each partner account without any issues. I never change the earning preference (it has always been set to earn US Airways, but I don’t think it makes a difference). It is also advantageous because I receive all the showpoints in one account in case I ever want to trade them on So I think you should change your FAQ that recommends opening multiple Audience Rewards accounts because it makes it harder than it needs to be. I have only been doing the trivia questions for the last 2 or 3 months so maybe something changed since the time you wrote the FAQ. Thanks for your hard work!

  10. Steve says:

    So in light of the recent changes to audience rewards, is it too soon to come to a conclusion where the audience reward partner points are headed?

    1. It “appears” that for those of us who consolidated all partners in one account, it now effectively means you have to elect which one partner will receive credit…so for those of us who consolidated, should we unconsolidate?

    2. The same questions are now appearing for each partner.

    3. There are fewer point questions.

    Comments, welcome.

    • @Steve: Audience Rewards (AR) Points Play program is a hard cost to the company, and they make their money off of selling premium Broadway tickets; therefore, there is always a possibility that the Points Play program could be discontinued.

      As of right now, AR has started pooling all the questions together so those with a singular account with all partners linked to it will only be able to answer once. It is still yet to be scene if AR will start cracking down on multiple accounts, or if they will continue with the question format.

      I wondered about the eventual change of the AR format from the beginning, and never saw the advantage of having the partners all linked to the same AR account. Therefore, you could delete out your partner accounts and create new AR accounts to earn free miles/points across multiple programs. It is up to the reader if it is worth the effort, but if you thrive on collecting miles/points no matter how small, than it may be worth it.

      Thanks for following us!

      • Jane says:

        Hadn’t used the Audience Rewards site to earn miles or points since the 2011 Grand Slam with US Airways. Tried it out today (7-28-12) and encountered the same experience as Steve. Had only one AR account with both US Airways and SPG listed as partners. The questions for both partners were the same. Set my AR account to answer the US Airways questions first and received all the showpoints and pending miles. Logged out of AR and back in, reset to answer questions for SPG points, started to click on questions and got reply I had already answered them, but would have earned the same number of showpoints/SPG points as I had already earned for US Airways if I had selected SPG as the earning partner in the first place. I set up a new, separate account under another e-mail address and tried to register the SPG account under it, but the AR system said that account was in use under another e-mail address and wouldn’t let me associate it with the new account. So I logged out of the new account, went back to the original one and logged in, tried to delete my SPG account from the list of partners and couldn’t get it off the list. Tried wiping out the SPG account number, clicking on the red x to delete, nothing worked. Both partners still in list and it appears I have to select which one to use to earn if all the questions are the same. Do you know how to delete one partner from the list? Would appreciate your help. Thanks for all the great work you do to help others earn all these points and miles.

        • @Jane: Your best option to remove partner accounts from a singular AR account is to enter dummy account numbers for the partner. So you can go into your AR account and change your Delta, US Airways, etc. account number to a fake number. Then create a new account and enter in your real partner account number. Thanks for following us, and good luck!

          • Roman says:

            Initially I used separate accounts. Then decided that it’s easier to use single account and moved all the partners to one account. For some time it worked fine. And now I’m back to the old accounts again.
            @Jane: I’ve just done that – deleting partners to be able to add them to other accounts. I’ve experienced the same problems. For me deleting did not work in Opera and IE, but it worked out as it should in FF.

  11. Thomas says:

    having a problem answering the DL questions.
    I log in, try to answer any question, and I’m then automatically logged out.
    essentially the page isn’t retaining my login info through a refresh, i.e. when the page reloads after I answer a question.

    • @Thomas: Have you tried again today? Often the AR site has some quirks, and maybe now it has been fixed. I have never experienced that problem since covering the program. If it does not work, you may want to try a different web browser or contact AR directly.

  12. Thomas says:

    yup. still not working. both IE and Firefox; still no dice.

    tried everything – cleared cookies, etc.; even tried going throught the AR homepage but still got washed out once I clicked to the DL trivia page.

    probably going to have to contact AR. 🙁

  13. Thomas says:

    p.s. I’ve been doing the AR trivia almost as long as you’ve been covering it (thank you btw), and I’ve never experienced this either.

  14. Kent says:

    I think what the issue is that Delta/AR is finally only giving the points (so letting them log in from this URL too) to Medallion Members. I did not read the posts on your website to see if some are medallion members, but I can’t sign in from your link either. is there a way to get to this website from one’s Delta SkyMiles account? It looks nearly the same, although Delta has been doing some updates to their website but the webpage I get to looks like a Delta webpage. I do not understand why we have to use the URL above, why can’t we sign into our Delta skyMiles account and get to the webpage that way? Make sense? Probably not, but this is a drag. “-(

    let me know if you figure it out. Thanks. How do others get to the webpage if they do not know about this website?

  15. Thomas says:

    that would be a drag.
    haven’t tried to find a backdoor through yet….
    I’m thinking you’re onto something with the medallion angle; I saw the reference to medallions in the pop-up box generated when one in dumped out after trying to answer a question.
    I thought I read it as ‘only medallions may redeem miles for tickets.’
    didn’t think it was referencing earning miles as well.
    maybe I should look again at it….tomorrow.

  16. Justin says:

    I have the same issue too. can’t use the Delta info to answer questions at all.

    tried yesterday and today. using safari, firefox, and chrome. all failed to retain the login.

    also tried on a mac and pc, non of them work on it. i ll check back for the updates.

    • @HR: All the questions dropped off on Sunday (10 days after they were posted and were supposed to be update) except the question you are seeing now. I’ve been trying to get AR to update the questions all week since they are “overdue” but I get the same shill response that they get updated randomly.

  17. Strange. It was definitely not working for me yesterday, but it is again now. Still, the terms now say “Best Buy Reward Zone only permits exchanges to get more points” and it didn’t before.

    • @Alan: Transferring points out of Best Buy via sometimes takes some patience and finesse as it does not always work, but as you found out, it does work despite the terms stating otherwise.

  18. tracey says:

    I haven’t been doing Audience Rewards for 3 or 4 months and just went back in today. I answered the questions to earn in the Starwood program. Then I logged out and went back in, but when I tried to earn in Delta or US Air I wasn’t able to answer the questions as it said I had already answered. Has it changed since I was gone and now you can only earn in one program?

    • @Tracy: Yes, earlier this year AR changed things around. Now, if you have one AR linked to several partner programs, one can only earn the miles/points once. You would need to create new AR accounts and link only one partner to each to participate in multiple programs.

  19. I can’t seem to access or credit any Audience Rewards questions. I log in, go to the questions, answer one, and it asks me to log in again. I keep trying, but it never credits. I also cannot access my activity information. I successfully log in, click on Activity, and it asks me to log in again. I don’t know what the problem could be. Do you have any ideas of what to try? This has been going on for several days now.

  20. Marie says:

    Just found your blog – Thanks much for the info!!! Question: I’d like to separate out my single Audience Rewards account but I can’t figure out how the change its partner account numbers to dummies. Can you help me??

    • @Marie: I have heard you can just add in generic numbers for the partner accounts you want to remove. So if you have an AR account, and want to keep Delta, but remove US Airways to another AR account, you can go into the AR account and where it asks for your US Airways account number, just enter in any generic number. Then in the new AR account, add your real US Airways account information.

      Let us know how that works. Thanks and good luck!

      • Marie says:

        OK I think I got it – Go to ‘Edit Profile’ then edit ‘Select Point Earning Preferences’. Set it to earn the partner points in the partner account you want to remove. Once that is set, edit the account number just below the drop-down menu you just set, and put in the dummy number. Thanks!

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