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In 2013, after two (2) full years of blogging, and with the travel/mileage/finance niche getting crowded, I started to see time and time again some of our content getting lifted onto other blogs with absolutely zero credit back to the original source. While we live in an information rich society, and deals are free for anyone to post about, there have been several cases where we first published an offer, and also posted it to forums, and then immediately after it floods the blogs. That is great, as we all deserve it to our audience to get the information out there. However, at least have the courtesy to credit the info. That is where I made a stand not only for myself, but our audience.

I believe in Blogging with Integrity! What that now means for me is that anytime we learn of an offer, we credit the source. It is the right thing to do as someone else may have worked hard to not only acquire that information, but took the time to share it. That is why at the bottom of each post you will see a “Source” listed. Sometimes we come up with our own content, but with deals, they spread by multiple sources. By giving credit to the source, it also allows for easy accounting on our end.

Second, Blogging with Integrity means giving an acknowledgement to those that have linked to us. That is the purpose of this page. Lots of other great bloggers have shared our stories and Blogged with Integrity by linking back to us. For that, we are greatly appreciative, and you will now see your credit below.

The following is a runny tally of where InACents has been seen around the web. Have you linked to InACents recently, and would like to be added to the list? Contact us with the link information, and we will get you added. Make sure you have your trackbacks activated if you want us to automatically be notified of links.

August 2014

      8/18/14- Guest interview on Karolina & Patryk

March 2014

      3/27/14- Places to see in Michigan– Henry Ford Museum Top 10 Tourist Attractions

February 2014

      2/2/14- Mommy Points- Austin Hotel Deal

January 2014

      1/31/14- Mommy Points- Pregnancy and Travel Discussion

      1/31/14- Just Another Points Traveler- Pregnancy and Travel Discussion

December 2013

      12/18/13- View from the Wing– La Quinta Military bonus

      12/18/13- Just Another Points Traveler– La Quinta Military bonus

      12/18/13- The Points Traveler- La Quinta Military bonus

November 2013

      11/24/13- View From the Wing– Club Carlson promotion

      11/21/13- Free Frequent Flyer Miles– Club Carlson promotion

      11/15/13- Hack.Travel- AMEX Sync Amtrak Offer

      11/11/13- Hack.Travel- Shop Discover Holiday Promotion

      11/6/13- Free Frequent Flyer Miles– Current Discover card offers

      11/5/13- Midwest Guest- Midwest travel links for October 2013

      11/5/13- Hack.Travel- Hilton HHonors Discontinuation of Points & Fixed Miles Earnings

October 2013

      10/28/13- Milenomics– AutoSlash discussion.

      10/19/13- Places to see in Michigan– Henry Ford Top 10 Attractions

      10/16/13- Frequent Flyer Italia– La Quinta Returns 300 point bonus

      10/8/13- Free Frequent Flyer Miles- La Quinta Returns 300 point bonus

      10/7/13- Canadian Kilometers– La Quinta Returns 300 point bonus

July 2013

      7/21/13 Red Flag Deals – Audience Rewards reference

      7/8/13 The Points Traveler- Highlights our discovery of the free La Quinta bonus points offer.

June 2013

      6/7/13 What to do Cleveland – Ohio Tourism Discounts

May 2013

      5/23/13 Estately – 23 Reasons to Live in Cleveland, referencing the Merry-Go-Round Museum

      5/7/13 Mommy Points – Discussion on vehicle rental and car seats

April 2013

      4/27/13 Relentless Financial Improvement – Link to Audience Rewards

      4/19/13 Hack.Travel – Link to Discover Mother’s Day promotion.

      4/17/13 Who Said Nothing in Life is Free – Audience Rewards credit.

      4/10/13 TroyLiu Lok fly, swim by Liu Shuo Ting – Audience Rewards credit for extending US Airways expiration.

      4/7/13 Who Said Nothing in Life is Free – Audience Rewards credit.

      4/6/13 Hack.Travel – Link to Southwest sale article.

      4/5/13 Both Who Said Nothing in Life is Free and Free Point Site credited our finding of free My Coke Reward points for Cinco De Mayo/Mission Foods.

      4/5/13 Free Frequent Flyer Miles– Link to Southwest sale article.

      Hack.Travel – Link to 65,000 (Really 50,000) Flying Club Virgin Atlantic AMEX article

      Midwest Guest – Midwest travel links for March 2013

      The Disney Drawing Board – Use of our 1971 Walt Disney World map

      Hack.Travel – Link to Priority Club-IHG Rewards Club Last Minute Rewards article

      Slick Deals – Link to Audience Rewards

March 2013

      Paddy in the Big Apple – Price Mistake – Free w/e car rentals on Avis – Act Fast!

      Hack.Travel – Listed as a blog tracked for miles/points.

      Giddy for Points – Audience Rewards reference

      FlyerTalk – United Close-in Change Fees

      MilePoint – Audience Rewards

      Giddy For Points – MCR Codes for 40pts

      Free Frequent Flyer Miles – Link to our Earn HawaiianMiles by Supporting Hawaiian Public Radio (HPR) article.

      View from the Wing – 300 Free La Quinta Miles (linked to our MilePoint post)

      Blu-Ray Forums
– Bestbuy 12 Reward Zone Points Through Audience Rewards

      Blu-Ray Forums – Free Best Buy Reward Zone Points via Facebook App

February 2013

      Garden and Home Shows – Review of Cleveland Home & Garden Show

      Clever Travel Companion – Product Review

      Relentless Financial Improvement – Have you signed up for Audience Rewards yet?

      Free Point Site – My Coke Rewards 10 points

      Who Said Nothing in Life is Free – More Free Best Buy Points for Answering Trivia

      Who Said Nothing in Life is Free – Answer Trivia for Best Buy Reward Points

      PointBuzz – Cedar Point Home & Garden Display

      The Expeditioner – Top 50 Travel Blogs (Q4: 2012)

      Hip 2 Save – Best Buy Reward Zone Members: Earn 12 More Points w/ Audience Rewards (Link in comments)

      SlickDeals – 12 BB points for answering questions

January 2013

      The Traveling Praters – Legoland Home School Write-up

      Midwest Guest – Midwest travel links for December 2012 linking to The Beauty of Cleveland’s Guitar Mania at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

      Travel Summary – I Am Officially a Credit Card Affiliate (sort of)

      Travel Blogger Buzz – Link to 2013 Bank of America Museum on US Program Updates

      Piccolo Mondo PR – Link to Legoland discounts.

      SlickDeals – Bestbuy 12 rewardzone points through audience rewards

      Fly2Au – Audience Rewards reference

December 2012

      Bald Thoughts – Link to our article Bringing kids when buying a car.

      Travel Summary – I Cancelled My Chase Southwest Card, and Chase Couldn’t Care Less

      The Expeditioner – The Top 50 Travel Blogs (3rd Quarter: 2012)

      SlickDeals – Is there a car rental site like Autoslash anymore??

      FlyerTalk – Audience Rewards cheat sheet

      Fly2Au – Audience Rewards reference

November 2012

      More Kids Than Suitcases – Friends of MKTS

      Travel Blogger Buzz – Review of Chase is Officially No Longer in the InACents Wallet

      Travel Summary – Are Points Blogs Changing Right Before Our Eyes? (Link in comments)

      FlyerTalk – US Bank Holiday Promo

October 2012

      Mommy Points – Cap Introduced for 6% Cash Back Grocery Store Purchases With Amex Blue Cash Preferred

      Mommy Points – To Car Seat or Not to Car Seat? (Link in comments)

      Miles and Money – Audience Rewards info

September 2012

      Mommy Points – More Easy FlexPerks Points

      Midwest Guest – Midwest travel links for September 2012 linking to Exploring the Merry-Go-Round Museum (Sandusky, Ohio)

      Noob Traveler – Guest Post

      Miles Momma: Link to FlexPerks promotion.

      Relentless Financial Improvement – Audience Rewards: Broadway trivia for miles

August 2012

      Midwest Guest – Midwest travel links for July 2012 linking to Cleveland FREE Stamp: A Monument of Freedom

      Around the World with Kid – Family Travel Blog Directory

July 2012

      Frugal Travel Guy – Linked to our article giving away two (2) United Club lounge passes.

June 2012 – Audience Rewards

      The Points Guide – Shout Out To InACents Readers (Link to Guest Post)

      The Points Guide – Another Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card With 40,000 Bonus Points

May 2012

      My Money Blog – Review: My Car Rental Experience (See comments)

April 2012

      Family on Bikes – Guest Post Are You a Mileage Hoarder? It is Time to Show Your Family the World

      Paddy in the Big Apple – Travel Hacking – Tip #9 – Audience Rewards

      Ned’s Place – Disney Maps

March 2012

      FlyerTea –

February 2012

      The Great Family Escape – You Don’t Have To Fly To Earn A Million Frequent Flyer Miles

December 2011

      FlyerTalk – Did travelocity disable their flex dates option?

November 2011

      Slick Deals – Reference to Discover Card warranty policy.

      FlyerTea – US Airways Grand Slam Discussion

October 2011

      Travel Savvy Family – InACents write-up

September 2011

      The Traveler’s Loophole – Amazon Clothing Clearance up to 75% off Plus up to 4 miles per Dollar

      Lanaye – Audience Rewards: Play Trivia and Earn Miles

      Frugal Family Friend – Free child admission ticket to LEGOLAND Florida

August 2011

      Mommy Points – Starwood Audience Rewards: 20 Free SPG Points + A Chance at 100,000 SPG Points!

      Million Mile Secrets – 500 Free Priority Club Points

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