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US Airways Dividend Miles card

Best Current US Airways Premier World MasterCard® Offers

BEST CURRENT US AIRWAYS PREMIER WORLD MASTERCARD® OFFERS- A recent report I read on The Points Guy, and later View from the Wing, discusses that the Barclays and US Airways partnership will remain for some time following the final merger with American Airlines.

Our family has done a nice healthy run on earning lots of US Airways Dividend miles thanks in part to their credit card. Over the course of a year and a half, my wife and I have both held dual US Airways Premier World MasterCard®. What that means is that my wife and I have both earned anywhere from 35,000-40,000 miles after opening up the card and making the first purchase (Opened May 2012 [me], February 2013 [wife], March 2013 [me], September 2013 [wife]). Then all four of our cards were targeted with 15,000 bonus miles after spending $750 for 3 consecutive months. In addition, I received a 10,000 anniversary bonus on my May 2012 card. My wife and I are about to hit our first anniversary on her first and my second card and will get 10,000 bonus miles each. From the sounds of the predictions, there should be no problems getting the anniversary bonus on my wife’s second card come September.

I cancelled my first card early last summer and only carry one card now, while my wife still has both of hers. This means that it is probably good timing to open up a new card for me, as well as cancel one of my wife’s and open up another for her after the anniversary bonus hits.

The real key to balancing our future US Airways rewards is opening up new cards (and the risk that they may deny us another card) versus the anniversary bonus we stand to gain by holding onto the card(s). Clearly, the bigger player is the bonus for new cards.

So I was curious what some of the best offers were out there at this time. Looking back at some of our older posts from last year, all the links for 35,000 miles after first purchase and the annual fee waived the first year are now expired. So I began messing around with links to find some “better” offers.

Keep in mind, we have access to a 40,000 mile offer through our affiliate channel, but in reality it is only a 30,000 mile bonus since 10,000 miles come from a costly balance transfer and the first year annual fee is NOT waived. I did not link to or promote that offer when the 35,000 mile offer existed without the first year annual fee.

Best Current US Airways Premier World MasterCard® Offers

50,000 mile with first year annual fee waivedLink (Alternate link) This offer is really a 30,000 mile bonus with annual 10,000 anniversary bonus.

40,000 mile offer with first year annual fee NOT waivedLink (Alternate link) I have argued in the past that when given the chance to open a 35,000 mile card with no annual fee the first year versus 40,000 with an annual fee of $89, I will take the 35,000 mile version everyday. I do not like buying miles unless there is tremendous value, and buying 5,000 extra miles for $89 (1.8 cents per point) was never lucrative enough in my mind to be worth the cost.

35,000 mile + $50 statement credit with first year annual fee NOT waivedLink This offer is really a 25,000 mile offer since 10,000 miles come from a balance transfer that costs money. The $50 statement credit means you are really only paying $49 for the first year. Still not my idea of the best offer since other links mentioned have the annual fee waived the first year.

To add complexity to the situation, it sounds like there is a good chance Barclays may get more aggressive to acquiring new customers in the future. For that reason alone, I am hesitant to opening up a new US Airways Premier World MasterCard® at this time, because I do not want to potentially miss out on a better offer in the near future. I have been conservative enough up to this point, so waiting another month or two to see what materializes may be the best option so miles do not get left on the table.

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Sources: The Points Guy, View from the Wing, and InACents

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