Pampers Gifts to Grow 2013 Free Kids Admission to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Last year we wrote about the special Pampers Gifts to Grow Free Kids Admission to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and I was surprised to see the offer come back around for 2013. This years offer is even sweeter than last years, allowing your family to attend Busch Garden’s Williamsburg for a substantial discount.

You can either visit and enter in promo code BGWPAMPERS or go to directly. [Offer expired April 30, 2013.]

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Pampers

Single day tickets to Busch Gardens Williamsburg cost $70 for an adult and $60 for kids ages 3-9. So you can quickly see a family of four (4) can easily save $120.

The main reason I like this years offer better than last years is because you can now use the ticket almost all season. Last year’s tickets were only valid till mid May.

  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg Single Day Ticket is valid for a one day admission.
  • Please enter the number of paid adult tickets and free child tickets on the previous page.
  • The number of free child tickets must be equal to or less than the number of paid adult tickets.
  • You may also purchase additional child tickets at our regular admission price of $60 if the number of children in your party exceeds the number of adults.
  • Ticket valid for one day only between March 17-September 2, 2013.
  • Daily parking is not included.

Also, just like last years offer, you will notice on the special promotional page above that you can also purchase a Fun Card, getting you unlimited visited to Busch Gardens Williamsburg all season…FOR THE SAME PRICE AS A SINGLE DAY TICKET!

Free Busch Gardens Williamsburg Preschool Tickets

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Preschool

I was also delighted to see that Busch Gardens Williamsburg is continuing their tradition of granting free passes to Virginia resident preschool kids. The tickets are limited to preschool tickets ages 3-5. You must register and redeem tickets at the park by May 31, 2013.

Your passes are then valid not only at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, but also Water Country USA. Passes are then valid until September 2, 2013.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Preschool Passes

Our family visited Busch Gardens Williamsburg last year during the Christmas Town event, and it was fantastic! Not only was it wonderful walking through the different countries and themed areas of the park, but also it was remarkable how amazing the Christmas decorations were, as well as the rethemeing of all the rides. For a family that really does not ride the rides, I would absolutely not hesitate to return to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and I think this offer is an incredible value to the consumer.

Save Money, Travel More!

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